HighNote Founder Mark Choey’s Key Takeaways from Inman Connect Las Vegas

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HighNote founder Mark Choey has just returned from Inman Connect Las Vegas, a three-day event where real estate professionals and tech entrepreneurs gathered to network and learn about the latest industry trends. One of Mark’s key takeaways from the event was learning that real estate agents continue to be completely overwhelmed in this hot market, […]

Mark Talks Climb Real Estate At Inman Connect Las Vegas

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HighNote Labs’ Mark Choey Talks Climb Real Estate at Inman Connect Las Vegas Our Founder, Mark Choey recently gave a short talk detailing the history of Climb Real Estate at Inman Connect Las Vegas. Touching on how Prop-tech / REtech has evolved, he also elaborates on how innovation helped propel Climb onto the national stage. If you’re an Inman Select member, check it out. […]

A List of Acquisitions by Compass Real Estate

Which companies has Compass acquired? How many agents has Compass acquired as a result? Here’s a running list of acquisitions by Compass Real Estate as of 8/23/2019. We’ll keep this updated periodically. $1.5 billion raised to date $6.4 billion valuation Agent count: 9,300 Acquisition Acquisition Date Agent Count Stribling and Associates April 2019 304 Alain […]

Mark Choey on How HighNote is Transforming the Way Real Estate Agents Communicate

HighNote founder Mark Choey is a real estate superstar. From operating as a top San Francisco agent to building – and later selling – Climb Real Estate, it’s safe to say he’s an industry expert. Mark sat down with the reThink Real Estate podcast to talk about the beauty of HighNote and how it’s transforming […]

What is a Pre-listing Presentation?

Listing, selling, buying. It’s what realtors do. But no matter how simple this cycle looks on paper, the truth is that real estate agents are working harder than ever to secure listings and make sales. The digital age has turned real estate on its head, and agents are adopting new marketing techniques in order to […]

How to Make a Pre-Listing Presentation Like an Expert

If you’re a real estate agent, you’ve undoubtedly heard the term “pre-listing presentation” more than a few times throughout your career. If you haven’t made one yet, it’s probably because you don’t quite understand what it is, or how it can help you win listings. This article is designed to show you exactly what a […]

A Perfect Formula: How to Use HighNote and Zillow to Win Buyers

Being a real estate agent today means more than listing homes and drawing up contracts. It means marketing yourself in new and innovative ways to stand out from the crowd and rise above the competition. The best way to do this is by utilizing technology – and two agents in San Francisco have figured out […]

‘There’s Nothing Like It’: Top Agent Eric Boyenga On Why He Loves HighNote

Hi, Eric! You’re a nationally ranked top-producing agent, and you’re also a huge fan of pre-listing presentations. Why is it important to create digital pre-listing kits, rather than printed packages? You know, I see other agents send out these giant books and it’s just a waste of resources. It’s a waste of time, and your […]