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Meet Mark, the founder, and CEO of Highnote, a presentation and proposal platform designed specifically for service providers. With a background as a top-producing salesperson, team and brokerage leader, computer engineer, and product designer, Mark has a unique insight into what it takes to create great software for service providers who don’t have time to design.


What is Property Marketing?

What is Property Marketing? As an agent, promoting the property you are selling to the correct and targeted audience is essential in real estate marketing. Specifically, in the real estate industry, this is called property marketing.

Agents know that landing a listing is just the first part of becoming a successful real estate agent. Ultimately, you must sell and close deals to have a rewarding real estate career. 

Not only that, in our experience and observations, the best agents do the most and best marketing for their properties, not holding back on doing a thorough job promoting your listings in the best light. This is where property marketing comes in.

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Definition of Property Marketing

What is Property Marketing? Property marketing in real estate refers to the strategic and comprehensive approach of promoting and showcasing properties to potential buyers and renters. The term property marketing includes various techniques and tools designed to create awareness, generate leads and interest, and ultimately lead to the sale or rental of real estate assets.

It also involves understanding a property’s unique features and selling points, identifying the target market, and customizing marketing campaigns to reach and engage with potential buyers effectively. This may involve utilizing a mix of traditional and digital marketing channels, such as online listings, social media campaigns, print advertisements, open houses, virtual tours, and networking events.

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The Role of Great Property Marketing in Real Estate Success

When you work in real estate, success depends on how many properties you are able to sell or help your client buy. To do this, you must perform GREAT property marketing. Remember, you are not only selling your current listing, but you are also advertising how you represent your listings to future sellers. When you always do a great job on your marketing, more listings will come.

The objective of property marketing is to maximize visibility, attract qualified leads, create a positive projection of the property, and advertise your services for future sellers or considering real estate investing. Specifically, here are some reasons why great property marketing is essential:

1. Create greater awareness

Effective property marketing generates more awareness about the property among potential agents and buyers or investors. Great property marketing ensures you are doing everything you can to reach your target market and generate leads. You want to ensure that your market is aware of the property’s availability, unique features, and value. 

When you reach a wider audience through different marketing channels, property marketing increases the chances of more people learning about the property, but also paying attention to your listing over others.

2. Generate interest and demand

Great property marketing aims to generate leads and more interest and drum up greater curiosity about the property than your competitors. It highlights key selling points, showcases the property’s benefits, and emphasizes its value. When you effectively communicate a property’s advantages, it generates greater demand and motivates potential agents and their buyers to take notice of your listing. Excellent property marketing also makes potential sellers take notice of you.

3. Differentiating the property

A real estate agent must make the property they are selling attractive and differentiated from other properties. Property marketing should highlight unique features, location advantages, amenities, curb appeal, and any other selling points that set the property apart from other similar properties on the market.

4. Maximize exposure

Effective property marketing aims to maximize the property’s exposure to the right target market. Through various marketing channels such as online listings, networking events, social media platforms, real estate portals and other advertising methods, effective property marketing ensures that the property reaches a wide range of potential buyers or renters. The more exposure a property receives, the greater the chance of finding the right buyer quickly.

5. Differentiating yourself and your service

Your property marketing services should be perceived to be better than your competitors. Otherwise, why would a seller choose to work with you vs other agents? Every marketing service you can provide that is not only different but better than your competitors, will grow your business as a top agent.

There are several ways you can do this. First, you should always provide excellent customer service to your clients and leads. 

Going above and beyond what is expected leaves people with a good impression of your abilities and adds value to what you do. Make it personal and make your clients feel that you truly care about them, whether it’s to help them buy or sell a property.

Take a look at your current website, social media platforms, and other marketing collateral. Do they look generic? Does it look like they could belong to any other agent? 

Try rebranding yourself, update and upgrade your social media platforms, and see how else you can stand out from the others.

Let Highnote help you

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From Listing to Sales: How Property Marketing Drives Conversions

While it’s great to have loads of people attend your open house event, it’s better to have ten highly interested potential buyers attend your event than 100 curious people who aren’t part of your target market. Effective property marketing should drive conversion and sales. It does this in several ways:

1. Working with the right leads

Working with the right leads is a fundamental aspect of successful real estate marketing. Targeted property marketing reaches a specific target audience that may be interested in purchasing the property you are marketing. For example, if you are selling a four-bedroom house with a pool in a neighborhood known as an excellent school district, your property marketing collaterals and activities should be targeting families with school-age children, not empty nesters looking to downsize from their current home.

2. Compelling property presentation

Effective property marketing focuses on presenting a property in the most appealing and persuasive way possible. This includes using high-quality photographs, virtual tours, detailed property descriptions, and highlighting the property’s unique features and benefits. Use Highnote to create a compelling presentation that will pique the interest of potential buyers and increase the chances of conversion.

3. Increase trust and credibility

Property marketing also helps increase the trust and credibility of an agent. It helps gain the trust of potential buyers by providing accurate information, showcasing testimonials or reviews from previous clients and highlighting the reputation and expertise of the real estate professionals involved. 

Trust is a crucial factor in the real estate business. When clients trust an agent, it instills confidence in buyers to make offers.

4. Follow up and nurture leads

Getting a property in front of people also involves consistent follow-up and lead nurturing activities. These can include sending personalized emails, providing additional information, addressing concerns, and answering any questions, to ensure that your property stays top of mind through targeted marketing efforts. When you nurture leads and maintain regular communication, property marketing helps keep potential buyers engaged and increases the likelihood of conversions.

The goal of property marketing should be to drive conversions. Streamline your property marketing to ensure that your marketing initiatives have the same goal – driving conversions and closing deals.

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Property Marketing: Essential Tools and Platform

To effectively execute property marketing, there are essential tools and platforms that will help you in real estate marketing, make those sales and close those deals.

Highnote is an easy-to-use online platform for real estate marketing that elevates your presentations. Many real estate agents have used it to create various kinds of presentations, and they have directly credited the presentation tool for their success.

Real estate agent Max Devries shares, “I’ve been using Highnote for about a year now. It has been a total game-changer for me. When I go to a listing presentation, it feels like they’ve known me already for years because they have seen my videos before I get there. I haven’t lost a presentation yet since I signed up for Highnote.”

If you need content for your Highnote presentation, offers professional photo editing, virtual staging, rendering, and floor plan drawings at affordable rates that are crucial for enhancing your real estate marketing.

The photos you take of the property say a lot about you as an agent, so make sure they are the absolute best photos as that is your job… to market your listings better in the best way possible – not just like everyone else.

Using a platform like Matterport instantly makes you stand out from other agents in real estate marketing. Matterport creates 3D environments of properties where potential clients can do virtual walk-throughs. 

Showcasing a property to clients this way differentiates you from other agents, and shows buyers that you are up-to-date with the latest technology and online platforms available. Matterport also help shorten the sales cycle because potential buyers can virtually tour the entire property without having to visit it in person.

4. Drone Video Flyovers

Creating a drone video flyover is another way to show potential clients you go above and beyond typical property marketing. Drone videos give prospective buyers another perspective of the property you can’t see from the ground and helps them better appreciate the property’s exterior features and surroundings. It also gives them a birds-eye view of the property’s neighborhood. Plus, a drone video is simply fun to watch.

5. Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is another component of great property marketing. For the agent, it takes less time and money than conventional staging. 

For potential buyers, they don’t have to visit the property in person to see it staged. Virtual staging involves a graphic designer creating a simulated and realistic interior design of a home for sale. 

Agents can also do this on their own using several online platforms. Simply upload photos of the property’s empty rooms and living areas, then add and remove furniture and fixtures to create the interiors you want.

Some agents still include sending direct mailers in their offline property marketing initiatives. Postcardmania offers hundreds of postcard templates created especially for real estate agents. 

If you want to send out open house announcements or open house invitations via mail, these postcards are a great option.

Videos are crucial to effective property marketing. Promo offers ready-made real estate templates that you can customize and modify based on your needs. Include links to your videos on your Highnote presentation or you can also post them on your social media platforms.

Simply put, GREAT property marketing plays a vital role in a real estate agent’s success. It is a strategic and essential aspect of the real estate industry that directly contributes to the success of real estate professionals, whether they are focused on property sales or real estate investing.

When you put all your information and assets together in one Highnote presentation, your potential client has everything they need at their fingertips.