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Real Estate Listing Tips to Sell Faster + Property Listing Template

You’ve landed the listing you’ve been working on for a while; what’s next?

What should you do to ensure you sell the property as fast as possible and at a good price? Successfully selling the property means more sales for you and, more importantly, gaining another happy client.

Whether it’s currently a buyer’s or a seller’s market, you want your listing to stand out and reach as many people as possible. These real estate listing tips will increase the chances of your listing reaching the right customer who needs, or wants, the property you have available.

You can do several things to make your property listings interesting, engaging, and effective.

How to Make The Property Stand Out? Listing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Here are listing tips that all real estate agents can follow to make a property stand out:

1. Stage your listing properly.

Staging a property is almost a given in today’s real estate market, but some agents are reluctant to invest money in staging. While this thinking is valid because staging is costly, having the property sit unoccupied for months is even more expensive. You’ll also have a seller who may be the nicest person but will still constantly be asking you for an update on their property and why it hasn’t been sold yet.

Home staging has many benefits:

  • Makes a great first impression on prospective buyers
  • Highlights the property’s best features
  • Allows potential buyers to envision themselves living in the home or the property

A well-staged home is more appealing than an empty property or a house full of personal knick-knacks and decorated with a specific style, like shabby chic, for example, that only appeals to a small group of people and turns off other buyers.

2. Have professional photos taken.

If you don’t have professional photos of the property yet, schedule a photo shoot as soon as possible. You’ve already spent on staging the property; now you can make the most out of it. You should have high-quality photos that show off the property’s best features. Ensure you have enough indoor and outdoor shots, including appealing curbside images.

When you don’t have the budget yet to hire a professional photographer, you can take the photos yourself. There are many guides online on taking consistent and high-quality photos of your property. Potential buyers want to be able to imagine themselves living the lifestyle they want when looking at a potential future home. One of the best listing tips I can give you is to ensure your photos show the house in the best light possible while being consistent with reality.

3. Start marketing immediately.

As soon as you have the listing, start marketing immediately. Take advantage of social media and ensure you post about the property often. Post regular updates about the property on your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Instagram is ideal for sharing property photos, so use all the photos you have and share them with your followers. Many people also check Facebook every day, so ensure you cross-post on both platforms.

If you have a house or property tour video, put it on YouTube. According to Google, people have spent over 7,300 years watching apartment or home tour videos on YouTube in the last two years. You never know who’s watching! Whether it’s a casual viewer or someone searching for their perfect home, YouTube is a great way to market your listing.

The more you post about your listing, the more people, including interested buyers, will see and notice it.

4. Reach out to your network.

Whether you work alone or with a team, building your network of co-agents is a crucial listing tip because it expands your reach and lets more people know that your listing is available. Send your listing to all the real estate agents on your email list. One of the agents you reach out to may already have a client looking into the specific neighborhood or area your listing is in.

Your fellow agents may also know buyers who are looking for the same type of house or simply looking for a good investment. Ensure your network knows about your listing to reach as many potential buyers as possible.

Put all these real estate listing tips together, and you have a listing that stands out and will help you sell the property faster.

How to Write a Real Estate Listing?

Now it’s time to share some writing listing tips. After staging and taking photos, you need to create a property listing presentation to help you market the property, which you can easily pass on to other real estate agents. A listing has to be clear, descriptive, and compelling. Writing an effective real estate listing is the same as writing effective ad copy.

Your first few lines should describe the house. Start with a strong headline that catches your reader’s attention. Some agents use descriptive terms such as “tranquil oasis” or “hilltop haven” to pique the buyer’s curiosity. Others are more straightforward and describe the property as, for example, “an oversized one-bedroom apartment” or “a 3 BR, 2.5 bath home with a gorgeous patio.”

Whichever writing style you choose, use words that accurately describe the property positively but without misleading potential buyers. If the property has some negative aspects, don’t hide them, and be upfront with leads who have expressed interest in the house. If you aren’t, you might just be wasting your time on clients who feel the property’s negatives are features they wouldn’t ever consider having in a home.

Your listing should also include information about the neighborhood and surrounding areas. When choosing a new home, buyers often consider the nearest schools, supermarkets, playgrounds, and other recreational areas or landmarks. Highlight how convenient the property’s location is and its distance from other important places such as a hospital, police station, and more.

Once you’ve written your copy, put everything together in one beautiful Highnote presentation you can easily send to other real estate agents and leads.

While these tips are beneficial for general listings, if you’re dealing with high-end properties, our Luxury Listing Presentation Template can offer specialized insights tailored for the luxury market.

Use a Winning Property Marketing Template

If you need help creating your presentation, Highnote has a variety of proven property marketing templates you can utilize straight away. There are also other templates and assets available that you can use and modify for your needs. Many real estate agents have used these templates to improve their performance and achieve excellent results.

Highnote helps you create beautiful presentations with just a few clicks. You’ll also receive analytics about each presentation you make, giving you valuable insights into who’s opening your presentation and how often, letting you know if someone is just looking or if a lead is turning into a serious buyer.

Get started with Highnote today.

Now that you’ve gained valuable insights on selling property more efficiently, enhance your presentation with the essential tools every real estate professional should utilize.