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Questions to Ask Sellers at the Listing Appointment

You’ve sent your pre-listing presentation to the seller and now you’re ready for the listing appointment with your listing presentation in hand (or on your hand). The listing appointment is an excellent opportunity to get to know your potential clients better, and hopefully, land the listing. And questions you ask sellers at listing appointments play a vital role here.

At the listing appointment, you’ll start by introducing yourself and having a casual chat with the seller in the living room. Don’t jump straight into touring the property or explaining your listing presentation. You first want to show the seller that you’re ready to listen and learn about their needs. You don’t want to look like you’re only interested in listing the property as fast as possible. Engaging with the seller before anything else gives a good impression and demonstrates you’re a good listener.

After the initial introductions, you’ll take a brief tour of the property, noting any additional details and observations. Following the tour, you’ll settle down with the seller to walk them through your listing presentation. All the effort you put into crafting your digital listing presentation is about to pay off. It might seem like a significant investment of time and resources, but a meticulously prepared listing presentation is truly worth the effort and expense.

The listing appointment is also an opportunity to go deeper into their needs and wants regarding selling their property. You should also review the seller’s goals and all property details. We’ll provide you with a powerful real estate listing questionnaire to do it right!

Remember, the listing appointment is not a one-way street. Even if you’re presenting the listing presentation, you and the seller can use this time to learn more about each other and continue building your relationship.

The Best Listing Appointment Questions

listing appointment questions

If you want to understand the seller and the property better, you need to be thoughtful and ask the right listing appointment questions.

While you’ve probably already spoken to the seller before the listing appointment, you want to ensure you don’t miss out on any information you should know. When you have a good understanding of both, the easier it will be to land the listing and eventually sell the property.

Here are the best listing appointment questions you shouldn’t miss out on asking:

1. Why did you like this property?

The property has certain features that attracted the current owners. Whether it was the ideal location, the custom ceiling, or the large swimming pool, the features that drew the current sellers in will probably attract interested buyers as well.

Everybody’s preferences are unique, so they may bring up something you never even noticed, such as the extra wide carport. On the other hand, they might have liked something that no one else will like. In any case, it’s best to get as many details about the property as possible.

2. Is the property unencumbered?

You may be surprised that some people try to sell property they may not have full legal rights to sell. Most sellers-to-be do not have any sinister motivations behind this, they may share the property with a sibling or a spouse, and are already working to get their co-owner’s permission to sell. However, even if they are working towards getting this permission, if they don’t have the full legal rights to sell yet, this may cause problems down the road.

When you meet the seller at the listing appointment, ask straight away if they are the sole owner of the property or if there are any other owners of the property, such as other family members. If there are any other owners, ask them to meet them.

3. What are you looking for in a real estate agent?

The seller may have worked with another real estate agent in the past. If they have, ask them why they aren’t working with that agent on this listing. This will let you know if they encountered any issues with the agent or if the agent simply moved away, retired, or changed careers. How did the professional relationship end? If they’re still on good terms but the agent was simply unavailable bodes well for you and the seller.

This listing appointment question is an opportunity for you to understand the seller better and let them know that you can meet and exceed their needs and expectations.

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Questions to Ask Sellers Before Listing Presentation

ask seller before listing presentation-min

As you already know, you come to a listing appointment prepared with your listing presentation. The information included here would have come from an initial chat with the seller and your own preparations.

Take a look at these questions to ensure you didn’t miss out on anything you should have asked a seller before creating the listing presentation:

1. Which real estate agent service are you most interested in?

2. Why are you selling?

3. When do you want to put your house on sale?

4. Are you the sole owner of the property? Will anyone else be involved in the selling process?

5. Why did you choose to call me?

6. What’s your main goal for the listing appointment?

7. Is this your first selling process?

8. If not, what didn’t you like the last time you sold a property?

9. Are you also looking to buy another property after this one is sold?


These listing appointment questions ensure you are fully prepared and you’ve covered all your bases.

Questions to Ask Sellers During Listing Presentation

ask sellers during listing presentation-min

Aside from the best listing appointment questions mentioned above, there are other questions you should ask the seller during your listing appointment:

1. Did you do any renovation or remodeling on the property?

2. Do you have a minimum and ideal price for this house?

3. What’s the number one thing stopping you from working with me right away?

4. Would you like me to take care of the staging & photography?

5. Do you want us to go over and beyond with marketing and create interactive virtual tours of your property?

6. Is there anything you’ve seen in another property or done by another Realtor that you’re interested in for this property?

7. Do you have any questions we haven’t covered?


All these questions allow you to dive deeper into the property and explain your marketing strategy further.

A listing appointment is a perfect opportunity to land a listing. Use Highnote to create a listing presentation that engages your seller and attracts their attention. You can include as many links and assets as possible in your digital listing presentation, from your profile to a sample property walk-through.

Together, these showcase your expertise and demonstrate to the seller why they should choose you as their real estate agent. The listing appointment is also a great time to continue building your relationship with the seller. Creating connections and forging relationships is essential to succeeding in any business, including real estate.

Remember, even if you don’t land this listing, the seller should always leave with a positive impression of you and your skills, which can lead to referrals and future opportunities to work together.

Highnote has helped real estate agents all over the country win listings and it will help you too, when you give it a try. There is no risk, but you’ll be rewarded with opportunity to create stunning pre-listing and listing presentations in no time!

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