Step-by-step Guide to Creating Buyer Presentation

creating buyer presentation

A buyer presentation happens during an agent’s first meeting with a potential client. This is when buyers decide who to work with during their home-buying process. As a real estate agent, it’s crucial that your buyer presentation wins over clients and marks the beginning of a fruitful working relationship with them.

We’ve already talked about what a buyer presentation is, so let’s go through a step-by-step guide on creating a buyer presentation that wins over clients.


1. Introduction

Give a brief background of your professional experience and introduce your real estate company if you work with one. In the introduction of your real estate buyer presentation, you should highlight your past success with similar transactions, or you can also focus on your company’s sales if you are a newbie in the industry. Include testimonials and reviews from other clients in your introduction to build trust between you and your potential buyer.

Next, ask the buyer what they want in a home or property. While this is no longer part of your introduction, this is a great opening question during a buyer presentation that helps your clients open up to you. It’s not a difficult question to answer, so the buyer won’t feel any pressure to explain what they’re looking for in a home. They’ll find it fun to talk about the kind of house they want, which will help break the ice between both parties.

Discuss Pricing and Loans

2. Discuss Pricing and Loans

After introducing yourself, you’ll want to discuss how the buyer plans to pay for the property. Refer the buyer to a trusted lender to discuss how to get pre-approval for a loan and their other financing options. It’s essential for both you and them to figure out the amount they’re comfortable paying monthly because this will be the primary basis of the type of property they can afford.

While this can become lengthy, you just want to figure out how much they can afford and to know their options. The mortgage lender will have the right advice, and you’ll know the range of pricing they are looking for in a property.

Explain the Home Buying Process

3. Explain the Home Buying Process

Aside from their financing options, you should also discuss the rest of the home-buying process with your potential client.

It’s vital to explain how you’ll help them find their dream home or ideal property in your buyer presentation. What are the first steps to take during their property search? Will you send them a list of available properties or open houses they might want to visit? If they have a property in mind, will you be able to contact the home’s agent? If you work with a team of agents, will the other agents also refer properties to your clients?

Let your buyer know the ins and outs of the process, how your team works, and if they should expect to work with other people down the road.

Also, let them know what happens after they find a property they want to make an offer on. How long does the closing process usually take? What sort of documents are required? Explain the difference between a formal offer and an offer letter. Basically, you want to show them that you are ready to guide them throughout the entire process.

However, remember that you don’t have hours of their time during the buyer presentation. Typically, a real estate buyer presentation is about 15 to 30 minutes long. So be concise and straight to the point when explaining the home-buying process.

Show Sample Properties

4. Show Sample Properties

If you have already discussed their needs and how much they are comfortable paying each month, you can show them a few homes that are similar to what they’re looking for. This will give them an idea of what to expect during their property search. It will also give you more insight into exactly what kind of property or home they are looking for.

They might be more attracted to the bungalow you showed them or the 3-BR apartment. Ask them what they like or don’t like about each property. They might also have to adjust their expectations if their budget doesn’t seem to match the type of property they are looking for. Showing them examples of what they can purchase within their budget will help both parties during the actual property search.

Present a Sample Buyer Representation Agreement

5. Present a Sample Buyer Representation Agreement

Show your potential client a sample buyer representation agreement and explain what it includes. This is a contract between the agent and the buyer, giving the agent exclusive rights to represent you for a certain amount of time when they want to make offers on properties.

Remember that the buyer doesn’t need to sign the agreement right then and there. They might feel pressured or think you are too aggressive if you ask them to sign one at once. But doing this during your buying presentation does wonders. The main objective of showing them the agreement is, again, to let them know what to expect during your working relationship and so they have a better idea of what will happen during the home-buying process.

What to Include in a Real Estate Buyer Presentation?

What to Include in a Real Estate Buyer Presentation?

  1. Introduction
  2. Financing options
  3. Outline of the home-buying process
  4. Sample properties
  5. Buyer representation agreement

Again, as mentioned above, the goal of a real estate buyer presentation is to introduce yourself to a potential buyer and give them a rundown on what to expect during the buying process.

Include key points on financing options and other comparable properties, and set the expectations of their professional relationship with you if they choose you as their agent. A buyer presentation is crucial for all real estate agents because the more successful buyer presentations you have, the more clients you’ll gain and the more sales you’ll make.

Elevate Your Buyer Presentations with Highnote

Elevate Your Buyer Presentations with Highnote

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