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Step-by-step Guide to Creating Buyer Presentation

Have you done creating buyer presentations before? With the current changes in the industry, smart real estate agents are working hard to refine their value proposition to buyers and sellers. A buyer presentation happens during an agent’s first meeting with a potential client. In this article, we’ll walk through how to create a buyer presentation step-by-step. As a real estate agent, it’s crucial that your buyer presentation wins over clients—and marks the beginning of a fruitful working relationship. Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways:

  • A buyer presentation helps real estate agents introduce who they are and helps you stand out to potential clients.
  • Set expectations by outlining the home-buying process, including timeline and financing.
  • Show your buyers some sample properties.
  • Explain the options of a buyer representation agreement.
  • Take the time to personalize your buyer presentation to help you stand out as a real estate agent—a great buyer consultation template can even help you to generate referrals!

What Is a Buyer Presentation for Real Estate Agents?

Simply put, your buyer presentation is a streamlined version of who you are as an agent and the offer you provide to your clients. It should give potential buyers a background of your professional experience and introduce your real estate brokerage or team. 

In the introduction of your real estate buyer presentation, you should highlight your past success with similar transactions (or if you’re a newbie, focus on recent sales by your brokerage or team!) Don’t forget a crucial part of a buyer presentation: establishing trust. Try to include testimonials and reviews from other clients in your presentation to build trust between you and your potential buyer. 

Of course, in helping a buyer, you’ll want to build rapport with them. Next, ask the buyer what they want in a home or property. While this is no longer part of your introduction, this is a great opening question during a buyer presentation that helps your clients open up to you. It’s not a difficult question to answer, so the buyer won’t feel any pressure to explain what they’re looking for in a home. They’ll find it fun to talk about the kind of house they want, which will help break the ice between both parties.

What to Include in a Real Estate Buyer Presentation?

Your buyer presentation should have a few key items, including: 

  • An introduction to who you are 
  • A short outline of your value
  • Expectations of the home-buying process
  • A few sample properties
  • A buyer representation agreement

Just like every agent is different, so is every agent’s buyer presentation. If you focus on a niche, make sure you highlight that experience! You can also include items in your presentation like: 

  • Homebuyer Checklist
  • New Construction Buyer information
  • First-time Home Buyer information
  • Real Estate Terms & Definitions
  • Offer Checklist
  • Testimonials
  • Certifications or Publications

Again, as mentioned above, the goal of a real estate buyer presentation is to introduce yourself to a potential buyer and give them a rundown on what to expect during the buying process. And if you need more help, we’ve also done a full breakdown on the ultimate guide to buyer presentations.

Buyer Presentation Template

Searching for a detailed and adaptable buyer presentation template? We’ve crafted an effective template packed with all the important elements you need to easily put together your own buyer consultation presentation. These templates feature everything you need to get started right away: a compelling cover slide, an engaging introduction, detailed market analysis, an overview of the buyer process, insightful case study templates, a services template and even a compelling closing statement. 

Highnote has made it as easy as possible to tailor and personalize your buyer template to reflect your personal branding and flair. We’re here to help you develop a professional real estate buyer presentation that captures the trust and business of prospective clients. So, why wait? Get started by grabbing a free real estate buyer presentation template now and take your real estate buyer consultation to the next level!

Real Estate Buyer Presentation Example

If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration on creating an effective home buyer presentation, check out successful buyer presentations built by our community. Dive into some of the finest buyer presentation examples and get inspired to create your own presentation that stands out and resonates with your buyers. 

Remember to personalize your buyer presentation to 1) meet the needs of your buyers and 2) showcase what sets you apart as an agent. Using (and a dash of creativity), you can easily put together your own buyer presentation that elevates you above the competition and earns you more business. Check out the link below for our library of templates, or check out more real estate buyer presentation examples.

Introduce Yourself and Your Brokerage

This is your time to shine: let your clients know who you are. How did you get into real estate? Why do you love helping people buy homes? Let your clients know what you stand for and what real estate means to you. If you’re involved in the community or have a fun hobby, this could also be a great place to highlight your involvement. Include testimonials and reviews from other clients in your introduction to build trust and help you establish credibility. 

Along with yourself, you should take a bit of time to introduce your brokerage. After all, you chose them for a reason! Highlight your referral network and any special marketing you offer. 

And if you’re part of a team, make sure you introduce those people as well. This helps establish your credibility and lets your clients know who they’re working with.

Outline Your Value

A real estate value proposition is a statement that lets your clients know what you do for them, how it benefits their situation and why they should choose you. It should be clear and concise. For real estate, a buyer’s presentation should help potential clients understand your value. You can do this in a few different ways:

  • Share your past success 
  • Inform your clients with a detailed analysis 
  • Show how you leverage technology
  • Prove your local knowledge 


Consider your target market and demographic when crafting your statement. Here’s an example of a real estate value proposition: 

After growing up in the Denver metro area, I’m excited to offer my knowledge and skills to you. Over the last six years, I’ve had the pleasure of helping clients buy millions of dollars in real estate. I use personalized strategies to make working together as seamless as possible. Whether you’re hoping to buy your first home or sell your fifth property, I promise to work tirelessly to ensure we find you the best property at the right price.

Explain the Home Buying Process

Aside from their financing options, you should also discuss the rest of the home-buying process with your potential client. In a sense, you should consider this as a two-in-one buyer consultation and presentation. 

It’s vital to explain how you’ll help them find their dream home or ideal property in your buyer presentation. What are the first steps to take during their property search? Will you send them a list of available properties or open houses they might want to visit? If they have a property in mind, will you be able to contact the home’s agent? If you work with a team of agents, will the other agents also refer properties to your clients?

Let your buyer know the ins and outs of the process, how your team works, and if they should expect to work with other people down the road.

Also, let them know what happens after they find a property they want to make an offer on. How long does the closing process usually take? What sort of documents are required? Explain the difference between a formal offer and an offer letter. Basically, you want to show them that you are ready to guide them throughout the entire process.

However, remember that you don’t have hours of their time during the buyer presentation. Typically, a real estate buyer presentation is about 15 to 30 minutes long. So be concise and straight to the point when explaining the home-buying process.

Show Sample Properties

If you know your buyer’s needs, make your best effort to insert a few active listings or recently sold homes into the buyer presentation. This customization will give them an idea of what to expect during their property search. It also provides you with more insight into exactly what kind of property or home they are looking for. 

With any luck, this should prompt a conversation with your buyer—They might be more attracted to the bungalow you showed them during the presentation, or perhaps the three-bedroom townhome. Ask your buyer what they like (or don’t like) about each property. 

They might also have to adjust their expectations if their budget doesn’t seem to match the type of property they are looking for. Showing them examples of what they can purchase within their budget will help both parties during the actual property search.

Present a Sample Buyer Representation Agreement

What to Include in a Real Estate Buyer Presentation?

Potential new laws could mandate two key changes to the ways that real estate agents do business. Due to the Sitzer-Burnett litigation, a new MLS rule could prohibit offers of compensation on the MLS. NAR may also agree to a new rule to require agents who are part of an MLS to have a written agreement with their buyers before showing a home. 

With this in mind, representation laws and disclosures can vary state-to-state. However, it’s important to be transparent with your clients about exactly how and what you can expect to be paid. To make the conversation as easy as possible, get ahead of the curve: Savvy agents know how to communicate their value, and Highnote makes the process as easy as possible! 

Show your potential client a sample buyer representation agreement and explain what it includes. This is a contract between the agent and the buyer, giving the agent exclusive rights to represent you for a certain amount of time when they want to make offers on properties.

Remember that the buyer doesn’t need to sign the agreement right then and there. They might feel pressured or think you are too aggressive if you ask them to sign one at once. But doing this during your buying presentation does wonders for your professional working relationship. The main objective of showing them the agreement is, again, to let them know what to expect during your working relationship and so they have a better idea of what will happen during the home-buying process.

Elevate Your Buyer Presentations with Highnote

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This critical data can help you differentiate clients who are almost ready to sign with you versus clients who are going in a different direction. You can then contact those warm leads who may just need an extra nudge to work with you on their buying journey.

See how Highnote instantly elevates your buyer presentations and helps you land more clients.