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Open House Real Estate Flyer Templates, Tips & Ideas

While new tech platforms for real estate agents are launched daily, the tried-and-tested open house flyer is still a crucial part of successfully selling a property in a competitive real estate market. 

An open house event remains one of the most effective tools for showcasing a property and creating a lasting impression on prospective buyers. A well-designed and informative open house real estate flyer is essential to ensure the event is well-attended and helps generate interest in the property.

Benefits of Creating an Effective Open House Real Estate Flyer

Benefits of Creating an Effective Open House Real Estate Flyer

Creating an open house real estate flyer has several benefits. 

First, a real estate flyer not only promotes the open house event, but also the property being showcased and your services as a real estate agent. 

Also, a thoughtfully-designed and effective open house flyer can have a positive impact on the success of your open house event. The flyer helps showcase consistent branding, which is important in real estate marketing. Using a consistent flyer template ensures that all your open house flyers and marketing materials follow the same design guidelines, which helps reinforce your brand identity. 

A well-designed open house flyer also establishes your professionalism and credibility. It can help potential buyers have confidence in your abilities as an agent. A good real estate flyer also reflects the high quality of the property you are promoting. If you are able to showcase the property in a good light in a flyer, potential clients will also have a positive impression of the property itself.

Open House Flyer Tips & Tricks

Open House Flyer Tips & Tricks

Here are essential open house flyer tips and tricks that attract and entice potential buyers:

1. Compelling headline

A catchy and compelling headline instantly captures the attention of prospective buyers and creates interest in the rest of the flyer. Use powerful and descriptive words that evoke curiosity and interest in the property and open house.

2. High-quality and attractive images and visuals

One of the most important elements of an open house flyer are the images used. Include high-resolution images of the property’s interior and exterior. If you are sending a digital open house flyer, you can include more images compared to a printed flyer. Attractive images allow potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the property.

3. Clear fonts

While it may seem like a small detail, use clear and legible fonts that can be read at a glance. Avoid using fonts that are hard to read and too decorative. Potential buyers will be turned off instantly when they realize they are struggling to read the information on the flyer.

4. Concise information

Keep the content brief and straight to the point. Essential information such as the property’s address, date, and time of the open house, your contact information, and any unique features of the property should be included in the open house flyer.

5. Clear call-to-action

To encourage potential buyers to attend the open house or to contact you, include a clear call-to-action on the flyer. Lines like “RSVP Now,” “Contact us for More Information,” “Schedule a Preview,” are persuasive phrases that prompt responses. You want the potential buyer to take action and turn into a lead, not just read the flyer then forget about it.

6. Mobile-friendly

Today, many buyers view open house flyers on-the-go, so you must ensure that your digital flyer is optimized for mobile viewing. This allows clients to access the flyer on their mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

Ideas for High-performing Open House Flyer for Real Estate Agents

Ideas for High-performing Open House Flyer for Real Estate Agents

How do you get potential buyers to open and engage with your open house flyer? Here are some ideas on how to create high-performing open house flyers:

1. 3-D House Tour

While you can’t include an entire house tour into a flyer, what you can include is a scannable QR code or link to a 3-D tour of the property. This adds a unique touch to a typical open house flyer. A tour also allows potential buyers to have a virtual walkthrough of the property. Seeing the home or property virtually will also entice them to see the property in person and attend the open house.

2. Neighborhood Highlights

You can also provide helpful information about the surrounding neighborhood, including schools, parks, attractions, and other amenities. While you don’t have to go into detail, you want to give potential buyers an idea of how their lifestyle will be living in that community.

3. Testimonials

Your open house flyer can also include a few positive testimonials from previous clients. This feedback builds trust and emphasizes your credibility as an agent. Reviews, success stories, and testimonials always help build trust and confidence in agents.

4. Interactive Elements

Incorporate interactive elements such as a QR code that links to a single property website. The site should contain all the relevant information on the property a buyer would be interested in. For printed flyers, you can have peel-away stickers that reveal exclusive offers or open house highlights. For example, if your open house is a barbeque in the property’s backyard, maybe you can include a coupon for special snacks or drinks.


Open House Real Estate Flyer Template

Highnote has several templates you can modify and turn into your digital open house real estate flyer.

Property Marketing

Customize this Highnote template and transform it into your open house flyer. It already has the sections you need such as “About the Property,” “Property Features.” and “Property Photos.” Add as many sections and assets as you need. 

Simply fill-up the template’s sections with the information on the open house property you are marketing and you’re good to go! The great thing is that your open house flyer has a corresponding QR code that you can print and put by the entrance of your actual open house. 

Have a clear sign that tells people to scan the QR code. After they scan it, they’ll have a copy of your compelling open house flyer on their mobile phones.

Open House Sign-in

Here’s a bonus tip for real estate agents – use Highnote to have a sign-up form during the open house. Visitors will enter their information on a Highnote presentation and after everyone signs in, you’ll have an easily accessible presentation with all the guests’ contact information. Highnote is a helpful tool for agents looking to streamline their open house process and have their visitor information all in one place.

Elevate Your Open House Flyers with Highnote

Elevate Your Open House Flyers with Highnote

Open house flyers play a crucial role in effectively marketing your open house events. Effective open house flyers save you time, provide you with consistent branding, and present the property you are selling in a compelling and professional manner. 

Use Highnote to elevate your open house flyers into attractive digital flyers that leave a lasting impression on potential buyers. Even better, these Highnote flyers are accessible anytime, anywhere. While a printed flyer can easily be thrown away, a Highnote open house flyer can be opened right on a person’s mobile phone and willl never be lost. 

Remember, a well-designed open house flyer can be a powerful marketing tool that attracts more attendees. Highnote can help you create the best open house digital flyer, ensuring a successful and well-attended open house event.