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How to Follow Up After a Listing Presentation

You met with the seller, sent your pre-listing presentation, toured the home, and now you’re waiting for them to decide whether they will choose you. What’s next?

It’s vital that you follow up after a listing presentation. And to do so effectively. Remember that a crucial factor of a listing presentation’s success is the timing and quality of your follow-up. Think of the follow-up as an extension of the listing presentation itself.

Why Follow Up After Presentation?

why follow up after listing presentation

Following up after a listing presentation is crucial to turning your new relationship with a potential client into your permanent client! Promptly following up with answers to questions that came up during the in-person meeting, answering any objections and reiterating why you are the agent to sell the home, leaves a positive impressions on the seller.

Remember, winning this listing is crucial to future business: more referrals, which means more business opportunities for you in the future, so take the extra step to ensure you win the seller.

But how to follow up after a listing presentation? We’ll show you!

Listing Presentation Follow-up Best Practices

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Keep in mind the following best practices when following up on a listing presentation:

  • Send a follow-up email after the in-person meeting

The best way to follow up after a listing presentation is to send an email. Emailing is a quick and easy way to check in with your client after the listing presentation. Some clients may find calls too intrusive, and younger clients prefer communication via email, which makes it a great choice when following up.

  • Craft your follow-up email carefully

Put some thought into your follow-up email template. While you can use standard templates as your starting point, don’t just send a generic thank you email you have saved on your desktop. Personalize it, ensure you answer any pending questions they have, and include additional information if needed. Remember, a successful working relationship works like any other type of relationship that requires time and effort to maintain.

  • When to follow up after the listing presentation?

When it comes to sending a follow-up email to the seller, the sooner, the better, but not too soon. Avoid coming off as too aggressive or overbearing.

You don’t need to email them the minute you get into your car after the listing presentation but do send your follow-up email after a few hours or within the same day. If you can’t do it within the day, email them the following day. Following up soon after the listing presentation keeps you and the deal in your potential client’s mind.

  • Remember that the seller will dictate the timeline of whether they work with you or not.

At the end of the day, the seller will decide whether to work with you or not. All you can do is ensure you did your best at the listing presentation and followed up as needed. Sending a follow-up email for five days straight will not convince the seller to work with you. In fact, it might even do the opposite. Be patient and nurture the relationship. If the relationship doesn’t directly lead to landing a listing, it can still lead to referrals, a better reputation for you in your local market, or gaining another important contact in your business network.

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The Best Listing Presentation Follow-up Questions

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Now that we’ve established the importance of listing presentation follow-up, what should your follow-up email template after the listing presentation contain?

Typically, your follow-up email after listing presentation email should:

  1. Thank the seller for their time
  2. Include the key points of your listing presentation
  3. Answer any pending questions that were brought up during the listing presentation that you weren’t able to answer
  4. Reiterate your marketing and sales plan for their property
  5. Strengthen the case why they should pick you as their agent
  6. End with an open invitation to get in touch with you any time

Aside from the points above, you should also ask questions to encourage your client to reply to your email and continue building the relationship.

Here are a few of the best listing presentation follow up questions to include:

  • Do you need additional information about the property that I wasn’t able to include in the listing presentation?
  • Is there anything specific about my promotional strategy you would like me to explain further?
  • Would you like to learn more about my comparable deals in the same area?
  • Do you have any other questions for me?
  • Is there anything else I can help you with?
  • When can I expect your feedback on the listing presentation?

Each listing presentation is unique because each seller and their property is unique. With some sellers, they might give you their decision even before you shake hands and say goodbye. Others might require a few back-and-forths via email before they decide to give you the listing. 

No matter how your meeting with a seller goes, what remains consistent is the need to follow up after listing presentation. Think of following up as important as the listing presentation itself. Keep the points above in mind to ensure that your follow-up emails are as effective as possible and get the desired results.

A seller may not need your services yet, but they may know someone who does or may need them in the future. Even if you don’t land the listing now, continue to check in with the seller every so often. Remember, the most important thing to do is to maintain the relationship, keep in touch with them, and continue nurturing the lead.

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Hopefully, you’ll impress them so much you won’t even need to follow up after listing presentation!

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