Mark Choey

Meet Mark, the founder, and CEO of Highnote, a presentation and proposal platform designed specifically for service providers. With a background as a top-producing salesperson, team and brokerage leader, computer engineer, and product designer, Mark has a unique insight into what it takes to create great software for service providers who don’t have time to design.


Dominate Your Neighborhood: Multiply Your Marketing

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HighNote founder Mark Choey has a new tip on how to take your agent game to the next level, as part of the “How to Dominate Your Neighborhood” series.

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From Mark Choey:

I could have named this tip a number of different titles:

  • “Fake It ‘Til You Make It”

  • “Double Down on What Works”

  • “Old Methods Work Best. Don’t Fix What’s Not Broken”

  • “How to Turn One Listing Into 3”

  • “Use a Big Megaphone”

  • “Market your Listing as if it’s Your Only Listing”

  • “You Have to Go For It”

  • “You Can Never Do Too Much Marketing

The bottom-line is when you have a listing, that is the perfect time to do everything in your power to reach as many sellers as possible, but also make it look like *YOU* are


THE go-to agent in the neighborhood.Multiply Your Marketing

  • hold a weekday evening open house “Twilight Open House”

    • why? because other agents don’t…. and… you can reach sellers that do not have time to come on the weekend.

    • plus, you will most likely be the only agent with an open house in the area! Guess how many other agents are doing open houses on Sunday? All of them.

  • enveloped letters to all owners in the area (not just postcards)

  • make the open house a huge party

  • buy an Airstream trailer and park it out front during open houses (yes we did that during my days as a top agent at Climb)

  • What’s the normal number of A-Frame signs you put out per listing? Triple it.

  • Get the idea?

“Neighborhood dominators” are perceived to the best agents in the area

Not only because they are great sales people, but because they (are perceived) to do the most to get a home sold. Plus, neighborhood dominators, have all the listings in the area (I define a dominator as someone that has at least 25% of the listings in the area … in my area, I had 40% of the sales back in the day!).

So…. if you want to dominate a neighborhood, you have to do the most marketing in the area. If you only have 1 listing, what do you do? Multiple your marketing and blanket the area…