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Dominate Your Neighborhood: Blanket The Area

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A new installment of the “How to Dominate Your Neighborhood” series, by HighNote founder Mark Choey.    

One of the easiest ways to dominate a neighborhood: use A LOT of A-Frame Signs!


I was driving to drop off my son at his drum lessons in San Mateo, CA one morning and I noticed an A-Frame of a hustling agent from Keller Williams, Wen Guo, who once sold a home near where I lived.

IMG 1406 768x1024 1

I didn’t think anything of it other than oh, a listing by Wen in this part of town, but then as I kept driving to the drum teacher’s house, I noticed another sign,… and then another…

IMG 1412 1024x982 1
IMG 1419 1024x965 1

As I dropped him off and went off to go kill some time at the neighborhood coffee shop, I saw another Wen Guo sign, and then another, and then ANOTHER. I was thinking WOW, she’s a real go-getter.

Then I saw she had strategically placed another sign…

IMG 1410 1024x768 1

at the ENTRANCE of the Whole Food parking lot. And…

IMG 1403 1024x768 1

at the EXIT too!

IMG 1416 scaled 1

And on the highway on-ramp.

I was like, wow. This is how you do it… this is how you dominate a neighborhood – and it reminded me that I used to do it too…which is the point of this article: BLANKET THE AREA WITH MARKETING.

I decided to drive around to see just how far she went to market her listing…

IMG 1404 803x1024 1

in front of the big mall around the area…

IMG 1411 980x1024 1

on numerous side streets…

IMG 1407 1024x971 1

in front of a popular coffee shop (Blue Bottle) over a mile away…

And, on a bunch of other streets around the neighborhood.

IMG 1420 819x1024 1
IMG 1418 820x1024 1
IMG 1417 884x1024 1
IMG 1415 774x1024 1

Impressive, Wen! Top 1% and supposedly the #1 Bay Area Listing Team (I have not verified). Either way, to be a top producer and get listings, you need to BLANKET THE AREA — just like Wen did.

Oh and the home she has listed? 3537 Casanova Dr in San Mateo, a 3 BR, 1 BA, 1120 sf, asking $1,388,000!

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