What is a Pre-listing Presentation?

Listing, selling, buying. It’s what realtors do. But no matter how simple this cycle looks on paper, the truth is that real estate agents are working harder than ever to secure listings and make sales. The digital age has turned real estate on its head, and agents are adopting new marketing techniques in order to succeed in an increasingly competitive industry. 

The days of putting a “For Sale” sign in the yard with a few paper brochures are long gone. The real estate game has changed, and so have the players. Websites have largely replaced print marketing, virtual tours are commonplace, and sellers expect professional photos worthy of a magazine cover. 

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before a real estate agent can market a home, they have to win the listing – and the best way to do that is to create a pre-listing presentation, also known as a pre-listing package or pre-listing kit.

If you’re wondering what exactly a pre-listing package is, keep reading! We sat down with HighNote founder Mark Choey to learn all about pre-listing presentations and why every realtor should create one that stands out from the rest.

Hi, Mark. A lot of people reading this might not fully understand what a pre-listing kit is, or why it’s so important. Can you explain?

Of course. We all know that first impressions are everything, right? Well, the real estate listing presentation is the conversation starter and the credibility builder. It really sets the stage for a successful initial meeting with your seller. It allows you to showcase why you’re better than any other agent out there. It’s all about impressing the seller before you meet them. 

What exactly should a pre-listing presentation include?

Well, let’s take a step back and talk about why you’re sending it in the first place. It’s about you and your services, and your brokerage. You probably haven’t met the seller yet, and they’re evaluating you against other agents out there. So the real question is, what makes you better than the competition?

That story can be told in the pre-listing packet. The real estate listing presentation should include a bio about you, your track record, and perhaps even a video about yourself which can help build an emotional connection with the seller. 

Testimonials are also great, as well as highlighting your unique skills. For instance, what experience do you have that uniquely qualifies you to sell this home? Have you sold something in the area before? Are you well connected in the agent community? Do you do a better job marketing than other agents? Do you have a unique strategy that other agents don’t employ? Include anything and everything you can think of! How can you stand out? That’s what you should be thinking about.

Sellers will also want to see your recent sales, because they want to know that you’re an experienced active agent out in the field. This gives them confidence that you know and understand the local market, and that you can use that knowledge to sell their home in the quickest amount of time possible, for the best price.

Sample marketing is also extremely important, because sellers want to understand how you’ll advertise their home to potential buyers. You should include marketing materials for previous houses you’ve sold – that can make all the difference. 

This is by no means an extensive list, but it’s a great place to start! 

So what’s one thing that a real estate agent shouldn’t include in their pre-listing kit?

I never recommend that an agent put the value of the home in the pre-listing packet. That number needs to be determined once the agent has had a chance to properly view the home, its condition, the neighborhood, comparables, etc. Sellers are never impressed by realtors who undervalue or overvalue their home – especially before they even see the home in person! It’s extremely important to understand the seller’s expectations and be able to manage those expectations. 

Should realtors deliver the pre-listing kit in a digital format, or a print copy?

A digital pre-listing package should be part of your repertoire as a real estate agent, even if you also print something out. In today’s environment, you may not be able to meet the seller in person. Or even if you do, most people still appreciate something digital that’s easily accessible from their phone or laptop.

The truth is, real estate is going through a technology renaissance. So staying up to speed with the industry and the competition is one of the big things that agents need to do, in addition to their normal activities. Having the latest and greatest in technologies to win listings is critical for all real estate agents. 

Thanks for your time, Mark!

This blog post is the first in a series on the power of the real estate pre-listing presentation. Stay tuned for follow-ups on how to market yourself in a way that wins listings over and over again! 

HighNote makes it easy to distribute pre-listing packages to sellers, providing realtors with an easy way to market themselves to potential clients and stay ahead of the competition. By clicking on one link, sellers can learn all about a real estate agent, their team, their tactics, and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

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