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Meet Mark, the founder, and CEO of Highnote, a presentation and proposal platform designed specifically for service providers. With a background as a top-producing salesperson, team and brokerage leader, computer engineer, and product designer, Mark has a unique insight into what it takes to create great software for service providers who don’t have time to design.


‘There’s Nothing Like It’: Top Agent Eric Boyenga On Why He Loves HighNote

Eric Boyenga

Hi, Eric! You’re a nationally ranked top-producing agent, and you’re also a huge fan of pre-listing presentations. Why is it important to create digital pre-listing kits, rather than printed packages?

You know, I see other agents send out these giant books and it’s just a waste of resources. It’s a waste of time, and your time is worth money. Not to mention the ecological impact of printed pre-listing kits. A digital pre-listing presentation lets us get in front of the seller quicker and get more information to them, in a beautiful way, giving us a foot in the door.

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You have to remember that this desire for immediacy isn’t going away. There’s a real need for speed when you’re competing for a listing; you need to get there before the competition and present something that’s really compelling. A lot of times a seller will narrow it down to one or two agents – or sometimes pick us right away – based only on the presentation.

“There’s not enough time to sit on the phone and explain the details to every potential client, which is why I let the digital pre-listing presentation and HighNote do all the talking for me.”

Boyenga Team

Real estate agents have to be able to differentiate themselves; this is what sets the good agents apart from the great agents. Some of that is done through past sales and experience, but some of that is also done by adding a personal touch, sharing what they can bring to the buyer/seller experience that is unique. There’s not enough time to sit on the phone and explain the details to every potential client, which is why I let the digital pre-listing presentation and HighNote do all the talking for me.


You need every tool in your arsenal to actually be able to win and grow your business. And if you don’t have something like HighNote, you’re just going to lose out to someone who’s actually using it and leveraging it.

You also use HighNote to make your digital pre-listing presentations hyper-focused for each potential client, don’t you?

I do. Say someone is interested in a luxury home in Los Altos. I have a package already made which is targeted to the Los Altos area, showing some of the homes I’ve sold there. Or imagine this example – someone expresses interest in a Palo Alto home, and I probably already know what the buyer persona for my listing is. For instance, it’s probably a person with a young child (so I know that showcasing the good school district is important) and it’s likely someone who works for Google or another tech-focused company. I can send them a HighNote with all of the information I think is relevant for that area, for that buyer.

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I’ve made specific HighNotes for each of the neighborhoods I’m active in, so I can immediately present relevant information and get ahead of the competition. All I have to do is send it over through HighNote and they receive it instantly. There’s nothing else out there which allows agents to do this in such a quick and efficient way.

Tell me how you use HighNote to get a better understanding of how potential clients are engaging with your digital pre-listing presentations.

My background is in lead generation and lead conversion, and HighNote is actually the perfect product for this because it actually lets you see what sellers are clicking on when they view your pre-listing kits, and how much they’re interacting with them. It’s a great tool to give me an idea of the feedback loop – are they interacting with us? How much are they interacting? What were they interested in? Our marketing program? Or maybe in learning about some of our affiliations, more about our software that we use? And I think that’s why HighNote is so valuable to us. It gives us a deeper understanding of what the seller’s needs are and we’re able to get in front of them quicker with more information, so at least it gets a foot in the door for that listing.

Eric includes this video in his digital pre-listing presentations.

I can also make adjustments on the fly based on what they’re looking at. I really get to learn where their head is. Then I can use this information to follow up with an email or phone call. I find that clients are so excited when you tap into what their real needs are, and HighNote provides me with the data to do that.

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This is really the future of lead generation, it’s highly targeted and means really understanding who your consumer is, and being able to really present yourself in a way that they can understand – you understand their needs, and they understand your services.

Thanks for your time, Eric!

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