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How to Win Listings?

Feeling stuck? Does the competitive real estate market make you afraid for your future? If how to win listings in real estate is the question that’s bugging you – we’ve got 11 proven tips and a real estate listing presentation template that will highly boost your chances.

From the moment the seller reaches out to you, everything you do and say can make it or break it.

After you’ve read this blog post, you’ll understand how to get a competitive advantage over other real estate agents and how to win a listing with confidence. The seller will be amazed by the customer experience you provide them with, and you’ll master the art of winning listing appointments.

1. Identify Seller’s Pain Points

The truth is, the more you know about the seller, the higher chances you have at winning a listing appointment. You can identify their pain points in several ways and on several occasions – when they reach out, with your pre-listing package, at the listing appointment itself, and with questions you ask sellers at the listing appointment.

The main answers you need are what’s bugging the seller the most about the selling process itself and what’s their greatest concern when it comes to choosing a real estate agent.

Another thing you need to know is their priorities – would they wait longer to close the sale if that means they’ll sell for their dream price? Do they want to make a quicker sale even though that means they’ll sell for a lower price? What’s their lowest price and their dream price?

Analyzing their pain points and priorities will give you a competitive edge, and you’ll be able to offer the solution that no other real estate agent can because it will be tailored to the seller’s specific needs.

2. Nail Your Marketing Strategy

How are you going to get noticed and get an edge over your competition?

Nailing your marketing strategy is one of the things that will help you win listings in real estate and also close sales with buyers. When you impress the seller with how you market yourself, they’ll know their property is in the right hands and that you’ll be able to sell it for a great price. What can you do to make sure your marketing strategy is top-notch and will help you win listings?

  • Build a brand. Every step of winning a listing and every interaction with the seller should be on-brand. This means you have to be consistent and authentic because consistency builds trust, and trust sells. You should build your brand as a real estate agent by communicating in the same way on every channel, on every occasion, and with your pre-listing package and listing presentation. 

  • Clearly defining your target audience will help you develop a strong brand as a real estate agent, but most importantly, that brand will appeal to your target audience and help you win listing appointments. 

  • Define the channels your target audience uses and promote yourself as the trusted expert in the real estate industry. 

  • Invest in organic marketing and paid advertising to reach your target audience and build meaningful connections.

3. Create Pre-Listing Package

Creating a personalized, thoughtful, and powerful pre-listing package is a no-brainer for experienced and successful real estate listing agents. What do you think? Who would win the listing? An agent that sends boring, typical, and not personalized pre-listing package, or worse – no pre-listing presentation at all. Or an agent that sends customized, on-brand pre-listing package that clearly showcases why they’re the right fit for the job?

Of course, if you want  to win a listing presentation, warming the seller up with powerful and personalized pre-listing package is a must!

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4. Define Your Selling Process

Defining your selling process removes the guesswork and puts the seller at ease. When they know exactly what they can expect from you, you’ll have their trust, and that means they’ll potentially entrust you with selling their property.

Nobody likes to feel confused or “stupid.” Try to take a human approach to winning listings and don’t use real estate lingo, and try to sound smart. It will put the seller off and won’t help you win the listing presentation. Instead, explain in simple terms and a step-by-step process of what happens when you sign a listing agreement and put emphasis on marketing strategies you’ll use to promote their property.

5. Utilize Your Network

A great part of a real estate job is to network with other professionals and build your reputation. If you’ve been wondering how to win listings but you haven’t tried utilizing your network, it’s about time you start.

When someone refers you as a great real estate agent to the seller, you’re already halfway there to win that listing. Don’t be shy to talk to your peers or ask previous leads and clients to recommend you.

6. Create Listing Presentation

But not just any listing presentation. You need to create a listing presentation that will amaze the seller by personalizing it and customizing it to your brand. Our real estate listing presentation template will help with that immensely. What are some other tips you can implement for listing presentations that will help you win listings in real estate?

  • You don’t need to start from scratch, but make sure you personalize your listing presentation with the information you have about the seller and their property.
  • Add rich media to your listing presentation and make it interactive to show the seller you have plenty of tools to market their property.
  • Ask thoughtful questions at the listing appointment.
  • Include the overview of the whole process – from the listing agreement to closing the sale with the buyer. 
  • Let them know which marketing strategies you’ll use to promote the listing. Highlight your social media exposure, talk about your website statistics and how your marketing campaigns perform. 
  • Highlight your recent sales that are the most similar to their property, whether it’s the same neighborhood, similar price, or structure. 
  • Show testimonials from previous clients with whom the seller can relate the most.

7. Build a Network of Trusted Vendors

By building a network of trusted vendors, you’ll get more business, create meaningful relationships and show the sellers that you have everything they need to sell. You’ll refer jobs to your vendors, but they may also recommend you. But when the seller sees how many trusted vendors you have, even if they don’t need all those services, you’ll be one step closer to winning a listing. Why? Because they’ll know they have options and that you’re a real estate professional.

8. Target Specific Sellers, Neighbourhoods, or Properties

If you want to win more listings, one of the things you can do is to niche down and become an expert at specific neighborhoods, properties, or sellers. By targeting only part of the market, you’ll gain recognition from that market. Strategically define the area, typical listing price, property type and what kind of sellers you want to work with, and you’ll start winning more listings.

What can you do? For example, you can work with sellers who want to make a quick sale in a certain area. In this way, you’ll close deals faster and become an expert at making great but quick sales. Who do you think the seller will call when they need to sell urgently? You, or the agent that doesn’t specialize in closing the deals fast?

9. Utilize Technology

Embrace the technology and strive to optimize your real estate business with every tool you can get your hands on. Whether it’s AI, real estate presentation software, CRM with awesome features or new marketing channel – if you want to win real estate listings, you have to utilize everything technology has to offer. Why? This will show the seller you are on top things.

10. Showcase Your Results Every Chance You Get

Numbers speak volumes. But you don’t only need to include statistics and results in your pre-listing package and listing presentations but also utilize powerful marketing channels to reach a wider audience. You can run paid ads, utilize social media and share your results with people who aren’t yet in the market to sell their property. But when they want to, you’ll be on top of their mind.

11. Take Data-Driven Approach With Dash of Personalization

It’s important to show the data and statistics that speak about your results. But it’s also important to personalize every interaction with potential clients. Always present the data that is relatable to the seller you’re speaking to increase your chances of winning a listing. If the seller is selling their 4-bedroom house in the suburbs, they don’t want to hear you’ve managed to sell a studio apartment in the central parts of the city. I mean, that’s awesome, but the goal is to take a data-driven approach with personalization in mind to help you win a listing, not brag about your accomplishments.

Use Proven Real Estate Listing Presentation Template to Win Listings

To help you get up to speed, we’ve prepared a real estate listing presentation template you can use right away to win your next listing. The best thing about it? You can take everything you like from it and customize it to your brand, but also personalize it to every seller.

See Hiller Group Listing Presentation

But you don’t have to stop here! We’ve got dozens of real estate listing presentation templates you can use, customize, and personalize to boost your chances of winning listings. The only thing you need to do to create winning presentations is to sign up for Highnote free trial, and you’ll get more listings than you can handle. Pinky promise!

After you’ve delivered a winning listing presentation, seal the deal with a timely and effective follow-up.