How to Get Relocation Clients in Real Estate with Highnote

relocation clients

Working as relocation specialist can be a lucrative business for real estate business agents. According to a study by market research company IBISWorld, the real estate relocation industry in the United States was worth 14 billion dollars in 2021 and is steadily increasing.

In 2022, a survey by Upwork reported that 18.9 million Americans were planning to move because of remote work, and 28% were moving more than four hours away. Aside from people moving because of the increased availability of remote work, companies also continue to relocate their employees as needed.

These numbers represents millions of people looking for real estate agents and relocation experts to help them move to a new areas as seamlessly as possible.

If you are a licensed REALTOR and you want to grow your business or move into a new niche, becoming a relocation experts opens up a brand new market for you.

What is a Relocation Expert?

A relocation expert manages all the details when a client moves and transitions to a new area. Real estate relocation is a specialized area that takes care of all the specifics involved in moving, from selling a client’s current home to closing on a property in their new area.

Aside from helping your clients purchase a new home, as relocation specialist you can also assist them with finding reliable packers an movers, give them information about school applications, and lend a hand when inquiring about nearby country club memberships, and more.

Simply put, relocation experts help their clients move to a new area and help take care of everything from the beginning to the end of the relocation process.

Typically, a relocation specialist has expertise in a specific city or county. They either moved to that area themselves and are familiar with relocating to that particular city or town. It’s also possible that they’ve lived there for many years and are experts in the area’s real estate market. There are also large relocation companies that focus on corporate relocations

Whether you are an independent Realtor or part of a larger real estate company, getting into the real estate relocation business and getting relocation clients can help expand your client base, tap into new markets, and generate more income – everything real estate agents are interested in.

How to Become a Relocation Specialist?

If you’re already a real estate agent, you can begin working towards becoming a relocation expert.

Start with researching relocation companies and real estate agents. Which relocation companies are popular in the area you’re looking to work in? Are there local real estate agents known to be relocation experts in your city? Work with them to build your network and gain experience in the field.

You may also want to get certified or formally join a real estate relocation referral program. Read on to learn more about these options.

Relocation Professional Certification

One path towards becoming a relocation specialist is earning a certification. The Worldwide Employee Relocation Council or Worldwide ERC® offers a credential in Certified Relocation Professional, or CRP. This certification identifies professionals who are well-versed in managing employee relocation in the United States.

Eligible candidates must take and pass an exam to become a Certified Relocation Professional. The exam tests the applicant’s ability to design and administer mobility programs for companies, real estate expertise, and knowledge in regulating and auditing relocation expenses.

Once you pass the exam, you become a Certified Relocation Professional. Every three years, you must renew this certification.

Relocation Referral Program

Another way to get relocation clients in real estate is to officially join a relocation referral program. You can become a referral partner of a relocation service or company and be their go-to real estate agent in your area.

Whether you decide to take a certification, join a relocation referral program, or get relocation clients in real estate on your own, the most important part is to position yourself as a relocation expert to generate more business. How?

Continuously build your local market knowledge base, and have a database of information for everything in your area. Think of a list of trusted doctors, dentists, vets, event planners, and more. Become the local go-to real estate specialist of your city and surrounding areas.

Remember that relocation experts can work directly with buyers or with other real estate agents who have clients relocating to your area. You can partner with them and become their trusted relocation real estate agent in your specific city or county.

Whichever path you choose to work in relocation, begin advertising your relocation skills and use engaging content showcasing your expertise. This will help you stand out from other relocation real estate agents in your area.

Use Highnote To Get Relocation Leads

Highnote helps you position yourself as a relocation expert in your area and helps you get relocation leads and clients.

Here’s a great example of leveraging Highnote and showing your clients everything they need to know about you and what you offer.

Dan Gandee created a Highnote presentation to demonstrate his expertise in relocating clients to Lane County, Oregon.

Let’s take a closer look at how he created a maximum-impact presentation with minimal effort:

1. Introduction

sample introduction

People want to know who they’re working with or listening to. Dan started his presentation with a brief introduction of how he made his way to Eugene in Lane County, Oregon and shared all his relevant credentials and contact information.

2. Brief video

sample brief video

Dan also included a short video where he thanked visitors for viewing his presentation. He briefly introduces what they can learn in his Highnote presentation and how he can help the viewer.

3. Directions to Eugene, Oregon

directions to eugene, oregon

Dan provides a link to Google Maps where the viewer can find out how far (and how to get to) Eugene from their current location.

4. Highlight Eugene, Oregon

Next, he highlighted interesting and vital information about Lane County, Oregon, and separated them by section. Here’s what he included:

  • Things to do in Lane Country

things to do in lane county

  • Oregon Wine Country Map

oregon wine county map

  • Best Hotel in Eugene, Oregon

best hotels in eugene, oregon

  • Best Places to Eat and Drink

best places to eat and drink

  • Municipal Welcome Guide to Eugene

municipal welcome guide to eugene

  • History of Eugene, Oregon

history of eugene, oregon

  • Local Schools Information

local schools information

  • University of Oregon -Sports Schedule

university of oregon - sports schedule

  • Local Maps of Lane County

local maps of lane county

  • Lane Restaurants

lane restaurants

  • Short Terms Housing in Lane Country

short term housing in lane county

In short, he includes information that tells the viewer that he is an expert on Lane Country and Eugene. He started general information as well as personal recommendations.

Whatever information a person considering moving to Lane County might need, he included it here.

5. Schedule a Relocation Planning Call

schedule a relocation planning call

This is one of the primary calls to action in Dan’s presentation. Viewers can instantly schedule a call with Dan via Calendly to learn more about why they should move to Eugene (if they’re still unsure) and how he can help them make the move.

6. Additional Information

additional informationadditional information

Dan ends his Highnote presentation with more information about himself. The last sections include additional content about his company, The Operative Group, his Instagram account, and a form where you can get help selling your property by connecting you with one of his many referral partners. This shows Dan’s authority and credibility as relocation expert.

Of course, Dan’s work is just an example of what you can do with Highnote. This powerful tool is only limited by your creativity.

Remember, becoming a relocation expert doesn’t happen overnight. But with enough time and effort, you can tap into this profitable area of the real estate industry.

The good news is that effectively presenting yourself and your expertise is a breeze when you have a tool that helps you put everything together.

With Highnote and your relocation expertise combined, you can confidently enter the market and start your relocation business today.


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