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Meet Mark, the founder, and CEO of Highnote, a presentation and proposal platform designed specifically for service providers. With a background as a top-producing salesperson, team and brokerage leader, computer engineer, and product designer, Mark has a unique insight into what it takes to create great software for service providers who don’t have time to design.


How Brokers Can Use HighNote to Recruit Agents to Their Team

Welcome on board

Operating a successful real estate brokerage takes more than just great leadership and a business savvy mindset. Real estate agents are the heart of any brokerage, so finding (and maintaining) the perfect mix of agents is absolutely vital. Successful brokers never allow themselves to get complacent, and they see the value in agents of all experience levels and backgrounds. They also know the value of marketing and utilizing innovative ways to recruit agents to join their team.

The foundation of any great team is a group of people with shared goals, who support each other to reach those goals. Real estate teams are no exception. But how do you find the right agents who align with your vision?

One of those ways is to utilize technology to recruit top agents. And the best way to do that is through a HighNote recruiting presentation. But before creating an outstanding HighNote that will “wow” agents, you have to put yourself in their shoes.

Remember, most agents want three things:

  • To be as successful as possible & make money
  • To be valued & supported
  • To have access to the latest resources and tools

That’s your foundation. The very core of your HighNote recruiting presentation should be to reassure prospective agents that your brokerage can offer those things.

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HighNote recruiting presentations should include:


  • An overview piece that showcases your brokerage – A video is great to use here, as it can create a real connection with the viewer
meet our leadership team
  • Detailed information about what your brokerage provides to agents – Ideas include use of the brand, technology, marketing, and education
  • Location map of where your brokerage operates
BHHS Drysdale Properties Footprint

  • Any awards or notoriety your brokerage has received – Were you part of a real estate segment on a local news channel? Were you quoted in a newspaper article?
Recognition in the industry
  • Other unique details about your brokerage – What does your brokerage offer that others don’t? Does it have a podcast? An interesting office space? An office softball team?
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  • A showcase of how your brokerage is involved in the community – Do you and your agents give back financially? Do you volunteer with local charities?
  • If you need a little inspiration, be sure to check out this HighNote recruiting sample from Climb Real Estate, or this example from Berkshire Hathaway Drysdale Properties – a great San Francisco Bay Area brokerage led by Gretchen Pearson!

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