HighNote Awards – Most Deals Won

Announcing the winners of the “Most Deals Won” Category for the 2021 HighNote Awards!

First Place: Jeremiah Kobelka (65 deals)

Jeremiah is an agent with Keller Williams in Cherry Hill, NJ, who used HighNote to win 65 deals! By combining HighNote with his attention to detail and professionalism, he was able to “wow” his clients and exceed their expectations. 

Second Place: Omar Murillo (37 deals)

Omar is an agent with Everhome Real Estate in the Bay Area. He’s known as a good listener who takes the time to hear what his clients need and helps them create a roadmap to reach their goals. We’re so happy he’s using HighNote to provide his clients with great service! 

Second Place: Omar Murillo (37 deals)

Latashia is an agent with Compass Real Estate in Oakland. She believes in utilizing technology to help her clients, while also providing resources that tech cannot, such as providing tailored guidance and addressing every concern that is brought to her attention. We’re glad she’s part of the HighNote family! 

Our team is delighted that agents across the US are using HighNote to make deals! We consider it an honor to help you excel in your business!


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