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Agent Video with Offer

This section provides an opportunity for the real estate agent to introduce the offer through a personal video message. The video should articulate the key points of the offer, demonstrating the agent’s understanding and commitment to meeting the client's needs. This personalized approach helps build trust and rapport, setting a professional yet engaging tone for the presentation. Use this element of your offer presentation template to differentiate your proposal and make a memorable impact.

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Offer Letter or Summary (Optional)

Include an optional offer letter or a concise summary to outline the key terms and conditions of the proposal. This document should clearly state the offer price, contingencies, and any other relevant details that define the transaction. The clarity and precision of this section of the offer presentation template ensure that both parties are fully aware of the offer’s components, aiding in smoother negotiations and decision-making.

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Purchase Agreement

The purchase agreement is a crucial document that legally formalizes the buying terms between the buyer and seller. This section should detail the responsibilities of each party, the timelines, and any conditions that must be met prior to finalizing the sale. In your offer presentation template, emphasize the thoroughness of the agreement to reassure all parties of the transaction's integrity and binding nature.

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Proof of Funds

Demonstrating the buyer’s financial readiness, this section includes proof of funds which may consist of bank statements or other financial documents showing that the buyer has sufficient funds to complete the purchase. This part of the offer presentation template plays a critical role in bolstering the seller’s confidence in the buyer’s ability to proceed without financial hindrance.

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Loan Approval Letter

If the purchase involves financing, include a loan approval letter from a bank or financial institution. This letter should confirm that the buyer is approved for a loan sufficient to cover the purchase price. This document is essential for the offer presentation template as it adds a layer of security for the seller, showing that the financing is secured and the sale is more likely to close.

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My Signed Agent Inspection Disclosure Form

Include a signed disclosure form where the agent highlights any known issues or inspections related to the property. This transparency is crucial for building trust and credibility, ensuring that all parties are aware of the property's condition as stated in the offer presentation template.

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CTA and Next Steps

Conclude your offer presentation with a clear call to action and outline the next steps to be taken if the offer is accepted. Provide instructions for how to proceed with accepting the offer, who to contact, and any deadlines for response. This section ensures that the process moves forward smoothly and that all parties are clear on how to transition from offer to closing.

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Mark Choey

My buyers are committed to purchasing this home. I look forward to working with you.

Mark Choey
Mark Choey

Sections Include:

checked Agent Video with Offer
checked Offer Letter or Summary (Optional)
checked Purchase Agreement
checked Proof of Funds
checked Loan Approval Letter
checked My Signed Agent Inspection Disclosure Form
checked CTA and Next Steps


Axel Ziba

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Axel Ziba
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Kelly Cantwell

I recently sent a Highnote that includes a video of a penthouse I have listed in downtown Columbus. A number of people watched it multiple times. Thank you for creating this system. It has been extremely beneficial!

Kelly Cantwell
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Nancy Braun

Highnote is a game changer. It provides an easy to use platform to create a unique, appealing and professional presentation for all of our luxury listings. We can also track our open rate and see who is viewing the presentation. We love the platform.

Nancy Braun
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Benefits of Using Offer Presentation Template


Today, we’re diving into the world of real estate deal-making, about to reveal a powerful not-so-secret secret that 99% of successful real estate professionals swear by.

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But don’t worry! While templates offer a framework, they are highly customizable. You can tailor your offer presentation to the unique features and specifications of each deal, creating a personalized touch that impresses clients. Highnote’s offer presentation templates provide a professional and polished look. They convey your commitment to quality and attention to detail, reassuring clients of your expertise.

Remember: Maintaining a consistent brand image is vital in real estate. Highnote’s templates ensure that your brand identity remains consistent in all your client interactions, reinforcing your image as a reliable and dedicated real estate professional.

Maximize Your Chances with Highnote's Offer Presentation Template


Highnote’s Offer Presentation Template offers a winning formula for real estate professionals. Here’s how they empower your business:

Enhanced Engagement

Highnote’s templates are more than static documents; they’re dynamic engagement tools. By presenting your offer in a structured, visually appealing manner, you do more than capture attention – you keep clients engaged and eager to explore the deal’s potential. Analytics capabilities allow you to track how clients engage with your presentation, providing valuable insights into their interests.


Bid farewell to the cumbersome process of manual document creation. Highnote’s templates streamline the entire presentation process, allowing you to create and deliver offers promptly and effectively. Whether you’re working on a tight deadline or managing multiple clients, this efficiency is your competitive advantage.

Data Integration

Highnote’s offer presentation templates offer more than just structure; they integrate crucial data and statistics. You can effortlessly include property details, market trends, and financial insights, providing a data-backed approach that instills confidence in your expertise. The analytics component goes beyond the visual appeal – it allows you to track how clients interact with the data, giving you a deeper understanding of their priorities.

Customization Made Easy

The user-friendly interface of Highnote makes personalization a breeze. You can effortlessly tailor each offer presentation to the unique needs and expectations of your clients. And with analytics, you can see how clients respond to various customizations, helping you refine your approach for higher success rates.

Consistency in Branding

Maintaining a consistent brand image is a cornerstone of success in the real estate industry. Highnote’s offer presentation templates ensure that your brand identity remains consistent in all your client interactions, reinforcing your image as a reliable and dedicated real estate professional. Analytics capabilities allow you to monitor how your branding elements resonate with clients, enabling you to fine-tune your branding strategy.

Effortless Delivery

In the world of real estate deals, delivering your offer presentations is a critical step. Highnote makes this process incredibly simple. You can generate shareable links to your presentations, which can be easily sent to clients via email or other communication channels. This seamless delivery process ensures that your presentations are accessible on various devices and browsers, creating a smooth client experience.

FAQ About Real Estate Offer Presentation Template

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