Real Estate Market Update

Mark Choey

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This very comprehensive real estate market update presentation for the Greater Houston Area, which includes Houston and all of its suburbs, is so eye-opening, mind-blowing, and so interesting. And this is a supporting proof of what is actually happening in our current real estate market.

Sections include: an article about the $1M+ Housing Segment Dominating the January Sales, Home Prices Rising Continuously, and Inventory that Remains Low, a Lease Property Update, January Monthly Market Comparison, Single-Family Homes Update, Townhouse and Condominium Update, Houston Real Estate Highlights in January, and her personal thoughts.

Sections include:

– The $1M+ housing segment dominates January sales, home prices continue to rise, and inventory remains low

– Lease Property Update

– January Monthly Market Comparison

– Single-Family Homes Update

– Townhouse | Condominium Update

– Houston Real Estate Highlights in January

– Jordan’s Thoughts

Sections Includes:

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