Free Real Estate Marketing Report Template

Unlock the full potential of your property listings with our Free Real Estate Marketing Report Template. Designed for real estate professionals, this template streamlines the process of creating comprehensive, data-driven marketing reports. Elevate your property presentations and market analysis with a tool crafted to highlight key metrics and insights, ensuring your listings stand out to your clients.

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Listing Information

This section serves as the foundation of your real estate marketing report, providing a detailed overview of the property in question. It includes basic details such as the address, listing price, and key features of the home. By starting with a clear, concise listing summary, you set the stage for deeper analysis and insights.

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Showings and Open House Feedback

Tracking and reporting on the number and feedback from showings and open houses is essential. This data gives sellers insight into potential buyer interest and perceptions of the property. Including this information helps in understanding how the property is received by the market and may indicate areas for improvement.

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Activity from MLS Data

Leveraging Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data, this section highlights how the property is performing in broader real estate databases. Key metrics might include the number of times the listing has been viewed, shared, or saved by potential buyers. This segment underscores the property's visibility and appeal in the market.

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4 Performance

Detailing the property's performance on offers insights into its online visibility and attractiveness. Include statistics like listing views, search result appearances, and engagement metrics to provide a comprehensive view of the property's online footprint.

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5 Performance

Detailing the property's performance on offers insights into its online visibility and attractiveness. Include statistics like listing views, search result appearances, and engagement metrics to provide a comprehensive view of the property's online footprint.

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Zillow Performance

Similarly, Zillow's performance metrics offer another perspective on the property's market presence. This section should detail views, saves, and any inquiries made through Zillow, highlighting the property's standing on one of the most popular real estate platforms.

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Market Competition Analysis

Understanding how a property stacks up against similar listings in the area is crucial. This section compares the subject property with its competition, offering insights into pricing, features, and market positioning. Such analysis helps sellers gauge their property's attractiveness and competitive edge.

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Branding and Personalization

Ensure that the free real estate marketing report template is branded with your information, including contact details and a personal message or analysis. This personal touch not only reinforces your professional image but also strengthens the relationship with your client by demonstrating your commitment to their success.

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Scheduled Updates

Offering the option to receive these reports on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis provides flexibility and keeps the seller continuously informed. Regular updates ensure that sellers feel supported and engaged throughout the selling process.

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Sections Include:

checked Listing Information
checked Showings and Open House Feedback
checked Activity from MLS Data
checked Performance
checked Performance
checked Zillow Performance
checked Market Competition Analysis
checked Branding and Personalization
checked Scheduled Updates


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One of the other ways to use Highnote that extremely benefits all is a listed property link tour. You can share additional photos, floorplan, zoning and bylaws of the city, potentials, highlights, 3D virtual matter port, your own video walkthrough and marketing material in addition to all other features about that specific property all in one link.

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I recently sent a Highnote that includes a video of a penthouse I have listed in downtown Columbus. A number of people watched it multiple times. Thank you for creating this system. It has been extremely beneficial!

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Highnote is a game changer. It provides an easy to use platform to create a unique, appealing and professional presentation for all of our luxury listings. We can also track our open rate and see who is viewing the presentation. We love the platform.

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Benefits of Real Estate Marketing Report Template:

Better Presentations

Visual Appeal: Utilize a range of design options to ensure each report is not only informative but visually captivating, making every property listing shine.

Professional Layouts: Choose from professionally designed layouts that highlight the strengths of your properties, ensuring information is both accessible and engaging.

Data-Driven Insights

Market Trends: Integrate the latest market trends and data to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of the property’s market position.

Performance Metrics: Highlight key performance indicators, such as days on the market and comparisons to similar listings, to back your strategies with solid data


Template Automation: Benefit from automation features that pull in relevant data and populate sections of your report, reducing manual input and errors.

Quick Customization: Use drag-and-drop features to quickly add or adjust elements, making real estate marketing report customization both fast and effortless.

Customizable Elements

Branding Options: Easily incorporate your branding, including logos and color schemes, to maintain a consistent and professional image throughout the real estate marketing report template.

Adaptable Content: Modify content sections to address the unique selling points of each property, ensuring every report is as unique as the listing it represents.

Competitive Edge

Unique Selling Propositions: Utilize the free real estate marketing report template to clearly articulate the unique selling propositions (USPs) of your properties, distinguishing your listings in a crowded market.

Client Confidence: By presenting data and insights in a coherent and professional manner, you build confidence among your clients, reinforcing your reputation as a knowledgeable and reliable real estate professional.

Impress Your Clients with Highnote's Real Estate Marketing Report Template


Elevate your client presentations and marketing analysis to a new level of professionalism with Highnote’s Free Real Estate Marketing Report Template. This essential tool is specially designed for real estate professionals who aim to deliver top-notch, detailed, and visually captivating marketing reports. Here’s how Highnote sets you apart:


Key Features of Highnote’s Real Estate Marketing Report Template

  • Customizable Real Estate Marketing Report Templates for Every Property – Tailor your real estate marketing reports to reflect the unique characteristics of each property, ensuring that every presentation feels personal and targeted.
  • Integrate Market Data Seamlessly – Incorporate the latest market insights and data into your real estate marketing reports with ease, providing your clients with valuable information that supports decision-making.
  • Visual Appeal Without the Hassle – Create free real estate marketing reports that are not only informative but also visually engaging, with a drag-and-drop design feature that requires no prior design skills.


Unmatched Benefits of Using Highnote

  • Efficient Tracking Capabilities Monitor how your clients interact with your real estate marketing reports. Gain insights into which sections they find most engaging, and tailor your follow-up discussions based on their interests.
  • Easy Sharing Options – Say goodbye to bulky email attachments. Highnote allows you to share your reports through sleek, professional links that ensure your clients have easy access to the information they need.
  • Drag-and-Drop Design Simplicity – Effortlessly pull in images, charts, and text blocks to create a report that looks like it was designed by a professional, without spending hours on design.
  • No More Bulky Email Attachments – Streamline communication with your clients by sharing links to your reports, ensuring they can access them anytime, anywhere, without the hassle of downloading large files.


Transform Your Real Estate Reports with Highnote

With Highnote, you’re not just creating reports; you’re crafting a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate resource that resonates with both buyers and sellers. 

Its user-friendly interface, combined with powerful customization and insightful tracking, makes it an indispensable tool for real estate professionals looking to impress their clients and close more deals. Transition to Highnote today and witness how it revolutionizes your approach to real estate marketing and client presentations.

FAQs about Real Estate Marketing Report Template:

Highnote offers monthly and annual billing to accommodate varying needs. The exact cost depends on your chosen billing cycle. The annual subscription costs $29 per month, while the monthly subscription costs $35.