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The Power of Corcoran

The human-first real estate company. Corcoran is thousands of talented agents backed by one trusted name. Corcoran is a thoroughly modern real estate company built on traditional values of service, integrity, market expertise, and neighborhood fluency. - Street Smart - Market Wise - Trustworthy

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The Corcoran Story

From a humble start, a global presence. Back in 1973, a young entrepreneur named Barbara Corcoran launched her namesake residential real estate brokerage with a $1,000 loan and seven agents in a tiny office on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The rest is history. Corcoran has been helping buyers and sellers realize their dreams ever since.

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The Corcoran Brand

For 50 years, Corcoran’s human-first approach to the real estate business has been the foundation on which we’ve built one of the industry’s most luminous brands. Through indelible print and television campaigns, a vibrant and inclusive social media presence, and a lot of smart storytelling, we’ve captured the hearts—and earned the confidence—of generations of buyers, sellers, and renters. At Corcoran, we don’t advertise; we evangelize. - Advertising that gets attention - Social Media that inspires action - Storytelling that builds loyalty

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Worldwide Exposure

Corcoran is part of the Anywhere family of real estate brands -- the largest real estate company in America, providing a nearly unlimited platform in which to showcase your property.

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Buying? You’ve come to the right place.

For decades, Corcoran’s real estate professionals have been helping home buyers through every step of the process, and to come away from the closing table secure in the knowledge that every “i” has been dotted and every “t” has been crossed.

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Why Corcoran

We take pride in the following: - Our Experience - Our Agents - Our Promise - Our Values In your neighborhood and across the country, nobody understands the residential real estate scene like Corcoran. For 50 years, our world-class agents have been helping clients buy or sell their homes with confidence.

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Buying Process

The Buying Process

Here's an overview of what you can expect during the buying process and working with us.

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After an Offer

After an Offer is Accepted

Once an offer is accepted, here’s what happens next. Working closely with your agent and other people involved in the transaction will ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

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Office Presence

Corcoran has over 150 offices and 3,000 agents worldwide -- and we're growing, bringing our name and values to new markets across the country, and, soon, around the world.

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Powerful Real Estate Search Site

One of the most comprehensive real estate search sites in the world.

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Thanks for your time! I look forward to helping you find the perfect home!
Mark Choey
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Axel Ziba

One of the other ways to use Highnote that extremely benefits all is a listed property link tour. You can share additional photos, floorplan, zoning and bylaws of the city, potentials, highlights, 3D virtual matter port, your own video walkthrough and marketing material in addition to all other features about that specific property all in one link.

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Kelly Cantwell

I recently sent a Highnote that includes a video of a penthouse I have listed in downtown Columbus. A number of people watched it multiple times. Thank you for creating this system. It has been extremely beneficial!

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Nancy Braun

Highnote is a game changer. It provides an easy to use platform to create a unique, appealing and professional presentation for all of our luxury listings. We can also track our open rate and see who is viewing the presentation. We love the platform.

Nancy Braun
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Benefits of Using Real Estate Presentation Templates


Making a lasting impression on potential buyers is essential. Whether you’re a seasoned real estate agent or just starting in the industry, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. One such tool that can significantly enhance your game is the Buyer Presentation Template. It will:

Streamline the process

Crafting a compelling buyer presentation can be time-consuming. With a well-designed template, you can streamline your process, saving you valuable time that you can invest in other aspects of your real estate business.


A well-structured presentation not only looks professional but also instills confidence in potential buyers. It shows that you are organized, prepared, and dedicated to helping them find their dream home.


Highnote’s Buyer Presentation Templates ensure that you maintain a consistent brand image throughout your presentations. This consistency can help in building brand recognition and trust among your clients.


Highnote’s Buyer Presentation Templates are highly customizable. You can tailor them to suit the specific needs of each client, making them feel valued and heard.

Unparalleled analytics

By using Highnote’s buyer presentation template, you’ll gain valuable insights into how the buyers interact with your presentation. This will allow you to tailor your buyer presentations to fit the buyer’s ever-evolving needs better and make data-driven decisions to supercharge your real estate business growth.

Buyer Presentation Template Perfect Way to Amaze Buyers


Imagine this: You’ve piqued buyer’s interest, and now you have to present them with a well-crafted, visually appealing buyer presentation. The introduction, team, your experience, testimonials, market data, and financing options are neatly organized, and you smoothly guide them through every detail. It’s not just informative; it’s impressive.

A buyer presentation template can help you achieve this level of professionalism and leave a lasting impression on potential buyers. It ensures that you cover all the essential aspects of your experience, from benefits, vendors, and advantages to the financial aspects of the purchase. With a well-prepared presentation in hand, you can confidently answer any questions and address any concerns, making your clients feel at ease and informed throughout the buying process.

FAQ About Real Estate Presentation Templates

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