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Take advantage of the virtual assistant proposal template powered by Highnote. It’s as simple as it gets – just duplicate your favorite virtual assistant proposal template, customize it, add your information, and you’re good to go!

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Meet Reese Miller

I am a rock star virtual assistant who loves to help entrepreneurs manage their businesses while managing their personal lives.

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Education & Work Experience

Working as a Virtual Assistant for different companies in the past has helped me unleash my full potential.

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Expertise - Skills

Expertise & Skills

With years of experience in this profession, I was able to develop and gain the following expertise and skills.

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Monthly Rates

Monthly Rates

I offer a range of services on a monthly basis to help support your business needs.

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Thank you for your interest. I look forward to hearing back from you and answering any questions you may have after reviewing this. I look forward to exploring more opportunities with you soon.
Reese Miller
(999) 999-9999

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Axel Ziba

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Axel Ziba
Broker, Partner, Team Manager
Kelly Cantwell

I recently sent a Highnote that includes a video of a penthouse I have listed in downtown Columbus. A number of people watched it multiple times. Thank you for creating this system. It has been extremely beneficial!

Kelly Cantwell
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Nancy Braun

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Nancy Braun
Owner, Broker, Manager

Benefits of Using Virtual Assistant Proposal Template


Highnote’s virtual assistant proposal templates are your secret weapon for securing clients and taking your business to the next level. They save you time, add professionalism, and give you the edge needed to win clients confidently. Say goodbye to uncertainty and inefficiency; welcome the world of success with Highnote.

Remember: “Be confident when others are uncertain, and be certain when others hesitate.”

Let’s see how this virtual assistant proposal template will help you seize all opportunities!

1. Every proposal will have the same professional appearance, ensuring that your brand is consistently represented in client interactions.

2. Time is a precious resource for virtual assistants. With virtual assistant proposal templates, you can craft professional, polished proposals in a fraction of the time it would take to create them from scratch.

3. Highnote virtual assistant proposal templates lend your proposals a polished, professional look. They create an image of competence and commitment that reassures clients.

4. Highnote’s templates streamline your proposal creation process, reducing the time and effort needed to craft professional proposals. This efficiency allows you to serve more clients and take on additional projects, ultimately growing your business.

5. Highnote’s virtual assistant proposal templates’ professional appearance and compelling content make your proposals more persuasive, increasing your chances of winning new clients. The visual appeal and well-structured content give clients confidence in your capabilities.

6. Highnote’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for virtual assistants, even those without any design experience, to create winning proposals. This accessibility empowers you to compete with larger agencies and stand out in the industry.

7. Highnote’s integration of analytics provides a significant advantage. You can track important metrics, such as when clients open your virtual proposal, how long they view it, and which sections are most engaging. This data empowers you to make data-driven decisions about your proposals and adapt your approach for higher success rates.

8. The analytics data helps you create informed follow-up strategies. For instance, if you see a client spends significant time reviewing your pricing and services sections, you can tailor your follow-up conversation to address those specific aspects of the proposal.

9. The ability to track analytics and utilize data to refine your proposal strategy ensures that you’re not just guessing about what works. Your success is backed by real data and insights.

Elevate Your Business with Highnote’s Virtual Assistant Proposal Templates


Highnote’s virtual assistant proposal templates offer a winning formula for success. Here’s how they empower your business:

Professional Edge

Highnote’s templates boast professionally designed layouts, making your proposals stand out. When you present your proposal, you’re not just offering a service; you’re presenting a top-tier image.

Effortless Customization

Tailor each proposal to your unique brand and the specific needs of your clients. With Highnote, customization is a breeze, allowing you to maintain consistency without sacrificing individuality.


Say goodbye to hours spent formatting and drafting proposals. Highnote’s templates are user-friendly and efficient, freeing up more of your valuable time for client work.

Increased Win Rate

Highnote’s proposal templates are designed with the winning edge. Their professional appearance and compelling content make a persuasive case for your services, leading to a higher success rate in securing clients.

FAQ About Virtual Assistant Proposal Template

Highnote offers monthly and annual billing to accommodate varying needs. The exact cost depends on your chosen billing cycle. The annual subscription costs $29 per month, while the monthly subscription costs $35.

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