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Portfolio Creation Taking Up Too Much Time?

Freelancers often spend countless hours creating portfolios that fail to impress potential clients.

This can be frustrating, as they would prefer to spend their time on actual work rather than on portfolio creation.

Struggling to Create Engaging Portfolios?

Creating portfolios can be a challenge for many freelancers, especially those without design skills.

They may struggle to create visually appealing portfolios that showcase their skills and experience in the best possible way.

Tired of Sending Proposals Without Feedback?

Sending out proposals can be nerve-wracking, especially when freelancers don’t know if potential clients are even looking at their work.

They may be left wondering if their portfolios and proposals are even being opened or reviewed.

Try Highnote: The Ultimate Proposal Building Tool with hundreds of Free Templates and Real-Time Notifications

No more design skills needed, get notified when someone opens your portfolio.

Choose From Hundreds of Free Templates

Make your life easier by selecting from a wide range of professional-looking templates and built-in high quality images…

That can help you make an amazing first impression on your clients right away.

No More Design Skills Needed, Just Drag-and-Drop

Simply drag-and-drop your resume, cover letter and past jobs into Highnote.

This saves you all the time you need for designing and allows you to focus on what really matters – winning clients and closing more gigs.

Get Real-Time Notifications

Highnote provides real-time notifications on every proposal you send. So, you can track engagement and know exactly when and how long your materials are being read.

Never Miss a Follow-Up Opportunity

Our platform sends you alerts when potential clients view your portfolios and proposals,

So you can follow up with confidence, knowing exactly when to reach out and start the conversation.

and can increase your chances of winning new gigs and projects.

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