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Do’s and Don’ts of Listing Presentations

Crafting compelling real estate buyer presentation examples and mastering the do’s and don’ts of listing presentations is crucial to being a successful real estate agent. Your listing presentation should not only include the general information your audience expects but also help you stand out and have a winning edge over other agents.

To create successful listing presentations, you should keep certain do’s and don’ts in mind. Try to include as many do’s as possible (obviously) and avoid as many don’ts. These tips can mean the difference between a winning listing presentation and an average one. 

Here’s our first set of do’s and don’ts of listing presentation to remember when building your Highnote:

do's and don'ts of listing presentation

Do's of Listing Presentation

  • DO: Include a Video in your Listing Presentation

People nowadays are used to short-form videos, thanks to Instagram and TikTok. A video is a great way to share information in a dynamic and engaging manner. Include a short video in your listing presentation to capture your audience’s attention.

You can make a video introducing yourself or your team. An eye-catching video helps engage the seller off the bat and increase your chances of landing the listing.

  • DO: Highlight Your Local Sales Records

Your listing presentation should highlight your expertise in the local area. Sellers will want to work with someone with extensive experience and a proven track record selling other properties nearby.

If you don’t have any local sales experience yet, check with your team or brokerage. Your colleagues or team members may have more experience in the area, and you can include their local success in your presentation. Remember, you won’t claim you sold these properties, but you can credit these sales to your team members. Including this information in your real estate listing presentation will increase your credibility and help establish you as a local expert.

  • DO: Present Your Unique Services

Again, you want your listing presentation to stand out.

Another “do” is to present unique services and experience to potential clients that another real estate agent may not offer or possess. Do you offer virtual tours, professional photos, or a certain number of open houses? What makes you different from other agents? Are you a member of the National Association of Realtors? Remember to differentiate yourself in your real estate listing presentation as much as possible. Show your prospective client how you plan on selling their property for top dollar.

Watch out for our next blog post for another set of must-do’s for your listing presentations.

In the meantime, let’s move on to our first batch of don’ts:

Don'ts of Listing Presentation

  • DON’T: Overwhelm With Too Many Details

There’s such a thing as information overload, which is a definite DON’T when creating a listing presentation. Avoid overwhelming a prospective client with too much information. Focus on including what directly benefits the client. Put yourself in their position and consider what you (if you were in the shoes of the prospective client) would like to see in a listing presentation and during a listing appointment. 

Remember, most people lose interest in reading long texts or scrolling through a mile-long presentation. Ensure everything you include is engaging and adds value to the listing presentation. For example, your prospective client will be very interested in your proposed marketing strategy, a comparative market analysis, and the sales process. They probably wouldn’t be as interested in a long list of your past clients or in a very detailed story of how your real estate agency was founded ten years go.

  • DON’T: Focus on Sales Alone

Keep in mind that a real estate listing presentation is not only about making the sale. Of course, you want your listing presentation to lead to that, but equally important is establishing that you are the best real agent they can (and should) work with. 

A winning listing presentation gives your potential client a good idea of your work and your plans for their property. It helps you stand out in a crowded field of other real estate agents. An effective real estate listing presentation also helps build rapport with a prospective client. It should offer them helpful information about you, your selling style, and your proposed marketing strategy that they did not know before viewing your presentation.

  • DON’T: Make It All About You

Yes, you want to showcase your experience, expertise, and professionalism in your listing presentation. BUT, it’s not all about you! The listing presentation and the listing appointment isn’t a (insert your name here) showcase. 

After briefly introducing yourself and your team, move on to your client’s needs. A consummate professional will focus on the property and how they plan on selling the property. Show your potential client that their needs come first and your priority is how to help them achieve their desired outcome. Include your marketing strategy, a comparative market analysis, and other real estate transactions you’ve completed to show potential clients your main focus is on the property.

do's and don'ts of listing presentation

Apply These Do’s and Don’ts in Your Highnote Listing Presentation

Creating a winning listing presentation is easy with Highnote, and when you keep these helpful tips in mind. The advice mentioned above is just the first batch of our Highnote do’s and don’ts for listing presentations. We have more essential do’s and don’ts in our next blog post that will help you feel confident when creating your listing presentation.

Remember that a successful sales process has three steps - sending a pre-listing presentation, showing an in-person listing presentation during the listing appointment, and sending a follow-up listing presentation after the listing appointment. These three steps are crucial in landing that real estate listing.

Start building your own listing presentation with Highnote, and begin elevating your presentations today.