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Thank you again for taking the time to meet with me this week. I know you are busy, and I appreciate you sharing details with me about your situation and also your personal views on investing.

Until we are ready to move forward with hiring Churchill to manage your investment portfolio, I suggest we look at one of the following strategies to implement in the interim. At the end of the day, your retirement money should be positioned to grow (vs. stationary), and also remain diversified and managed in a disciplined way. Therefore, for your longer term money like retirement assets, an ETF growth strategy certainly makes sense due to the low costs associated with these vehicles and their high level of liquidity.

Please review the following materials in order to educate and familiarize yourself with TD’s relationship with Morningstar, their portfolio management team, and the Core & Opportunistic strategies outlined below. As with all client accounts, you’ll be able to view the balances, activity, performance, etc. online just as you do now. Everything is transparent. With most of my clients, implementing a “Core + Explore” approach makes sense by combining the Core portfolio, which is strategically managed, and add on a tactical layer that aims to achieve above-average market returns. The Core, of course, would be the larger of the two strategy components. Our Core strategy has been in place for 10+ years with Morningstar, and our Opportunistic incepted in 2012.

I hope you and your family have a great weekend. I will talk with you again next Monday, April 15th.


Judy Morris, CRPC®
TD Ameritrade
Investment Consultant – Boston
515 Market Street, Boston MA 94105
Tel: 315.236.8341
Fax: 315.346.8135
Service and Trading: 800-669-3900
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