We are Highnote Labs.

We are Highnote Labs. Founded by veteran sales and marketing professionals. We build tools that improve productivity and efficiency in our field and to provide solutions that empower top professionals to do more of what they do best.

We build tools because we couldn’t find the right ones. With hard won experience in our industry, as top sales and marketing professionals, as business owners and managers, and from personally engaging with our field – we have a keen insight into the needs of top professionals.

This drives us to create solutions tailored to modern professionals. We combine this knowledge and experience with high-end design and top-tier engineering.

That’s Highnote Labs.

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Highnote Labs Vision

Building the next generation of sales and marketing tools to power the next generation real estate agents.

Communicating ideas effectively isn’t rocket science, but it’s definitely harder than it needs to be. Why is that? We ask ourselves that every day. That is our guiding light.

Highnote Labs is where we ask “What if?” and “How can we?” as open-ended questions that drive innovation. It is our experimentation studio, our innovation hub, our intersection of technology and design. It’s where we play with ideas and design great products that change the way we do work.

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