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Losing a Listing Before Even Having a Chance to Meet is Painful

Have you ever lost a seller lead because your competition won them over before you even had a chance to meet them?

We can help.

You just need the right pre-listing presentation technology to be able to QUICKLY build a first-class PRE-LISTING presentation that can help you win even BEFORE EVEN MEETING

Super Fast

Easily Build Prelistings and Listing Presentations

Jaw Dropping

Wow your seller leads with a stunning presentation

Understand Sellers

Know what they are focusing on. Know how to follow-up and close.

"I have been using HighNote quite successfully for some time now. It has helped secure listings, with our stunning pre-listing presentation. Absolutely love it! Would highly recommend."


JFKLiving Team, Keller Williams

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With hundreds of years of combined experience as real estate agents, team leaders, brokerage owners, we built HighNote to win listings.

Pre-Listing Presentation - The Introduction

A battle-tested and proven winning pre-listing presentation. Chris Lim has reported HE HAS NEVER LOST A listing since using it!

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Simply Drag-and-Drop Your Existing Materials

Works with all the latest RE Tech







No Design Skills Required!

Get inspired by hundreds of templates created by our users and our designers.

Award-winning design. World-class results.


“ Versatile online marketing solution – HighNote brings it all together ”

Craig Rowe, Inman News

Get access to over 1 million free beautiful images and pictures

Make your pre-listing presentations stand out with beautiful, free images and photos from Unsplash. Forget about expensive royalty free or stock photos – Unsplash has the perfect image for your pre-listing presentation that you can download and use for free.

Real-Time Data On Your Pre-Listing Presentations

Know when to respond to seller leads with HighNote’s action-driven analytics.

Every “smart presentation” you send will provide you with insights on when and how long your materials are being read, so you can reach out to seller leads when it’s most effective. Get the data you need to ensure maximum success with every pre-listing presentation.

"I love it! I can put a presentation together and it looks amazing. Its easy to add to or take away. It makes prelisting presentations easy. I just sold a listing used HighNote to present to this FSBO and they hired me without even meeting me. I use it for lots of things now. Anyone can use this tool. Thanks"

Kari Witt

eXp Realty

Got Questions?

HighNote is a new tool offering a new way to build presentations that is much easier than any other way.

Simply drag-and-drop materials you already have available like documents, websites and video links, we quickly format your materials into a gorgeous presentation!

You don’t have to design slides and presentations from scratch, just start with stuff you already have!

Because your leads, clients and customers want and deserve something more than just a boring unreadable email full of text, links and attachments.

  1. The reader experience is greatly enhanced with HighNote’s presentations, clearly communicating your value and message.

  2. You often need to differentiate yourself from the competition and therefore you need to provide a better service to your customers. HighNote helps you do just that!

  3. HighNote also gives you insightful analytics telling you exactly what is being read, how many pages, how long and when! Giving you great insight into the mind of your readers, allowing you to effectively close the lead or simply understanding your clients and customer needs better.

HighNote is extremely versatile, apart from sales presentations, you can also make:

  • Instructional presentations
  • Quote comparison presentations
  • Sales materials for properties, travel packages, memberships
  • Investor pitch decks
  • Status updates to clients
  • Portfolios for photographers or web developers
  • Job applications
  • Recruiting presentations
  • Social media bio links (e.g., Linktree alternative)
  • So much more
We can support PDFs, Microsoft files like Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, Apple Keynotes, all kinds of image files, website links, video links and so much more!

Not only does HighNote make a great looking presentation from your existing materials, we also deliver “real-time analytics” that tell you what is being read, how long, and when!

Crucial insight into the mind of your reader allowing you to follow up appropriately!

  • Sales people love the analytics to help close new leads.
  • Coaches and educators love the analytics to see if their students are reading the materials!
Absolutely not! Although HighNote started in the real estate industry and used by many real estate agents, HighNote was designed from the ground-up as a super-versatile communication tool. It can be used in any sales, marketing, service, educational, or communications role!

Absolutely! In fact, that’s what a HighNote presentation really is, its underlying technology IS just like a personalized webpage!

In fact, you can publish HighNote presentations as public web-pages and we help your page get indexed on search engines like Google.

Sharing a HighNote on every social platform you have makes it easy for your most important content to be seen and engaged with by all of your followers. You can even use QR codes to generate online traffic in offline places, and drive people to your HighNote presentations as so many people currently do.

Once visitors arrive on your HighNote, easy-to-understand analytics help you quickly and easily discover what they’re clicking on. You can immediately see what’s working and what’s not and improve your HighNote. You can use a “lead-capture” form to capture emails from your readers as well!

No you don’t! In fact, HighNote presentations act like your very own mini-website to share, sell, market anything you want! It’s much faster to build a HighNote website than it is to create any other website because of the way HighNote works.

If you already have a website, that’s great, you can just include it in your HighNote!

No need for another app! HighNote is mobile responsive and works from your smartphone and tablet too!

It’s easy, it’s effective, it’s powerful.

It’s HighNote.

Thanks to HighNote, I was able to show how I stand out from other agents and got 2 listings BEFORE I met my clients in person!

Cathy Rabago

eXp Realty


Watch How HighNote Works

We got our first listing signed today via HighNote. The seller CANCELED the other agents’ appointments after spending 2.5 hours reviewing our proposal in the tool.

Michael Minson

Keller Williams

The Way to Win Listings before even meeting!

Simply drag-and-drop your existing materials. It’s that easy.
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