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Losing Business is Painful

Don’t you hate losing business because you didn’t respond quickly enough or your competition responded with better looking and more professional materials?

We can help.

You just need the right tools to be able to QUICKLY build a presentation that has HUGE IMPACT. That’s what HighNote does

" This platform is AMAZING! I love everything about it. I can’t wait to build a team and have them go and use it as well. I love that I can add in links and the sellers or buyers can walk through each one.."

Drew Thompson

Market Your Listing

HighNote can be used as the ultimate digital property flyer in a way that your MLS property listing, your brokerage website or your single property website can never be!

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Build Your Ultimate Agent Page

Ever wanted to have a great looking agent page? It’s easy with HighNote!

Your readers will be so impressed

Readers of HighNote presentations are just so impressed — the reading experience is greatly enhanced! It’s clear, straight-forward and so much better than an email full of links and attachments.

The reader experience is greatly improved and only reflects well on your professionalism and their satisfaction.

"I use HighNote in almost every aspect of my business - from client presentations, relocation guides, my Instagram links, to transaction processes. I am the education manager at my brokerage and often showcase how I create efficiencies in my work and the tools I use, and HighNote is something that comes up all the time! Everyone is always impressed - my clients and other agents alike. As an ambassador, I will continue to promote HighNote at a high level."

Valerie Gross
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Get Your Buyer’s Offer Accepted!

"My name is Ryan DeAmaral and I am the broker/owner for Twin Oaks Real Estate Inc. We provide HighNote accounts for ALL Twin Oaks agents and we feel that it is truly a game changer in the industry. We also provide templates to our agents for listing presentations, buyers presentations, recruiting presentations, and offer presentations. We love how user friendly HighNote and convenient it is for both the agent and the person receiving the presentation. Thank you for proving such a great platform."

Ryan DeAmaral

Get Relo Business

Getting relocation business is all about marketing your services to other agents and instilling trust that you will take care of their referral! 

" So HighNote has been working really great. I've won several deals using it. But what I really like about HighNote is its versatility and I'm still exploring different ways to use it. I am discovering that there are many great uses for it. I've created a buyer program, a seller program. I'm working on, a for sale by owner program for it on top of getting our offer's accepted. So I am highly satisfied with HighNote and I can't wait to explore new ways to use it."

Keith Leveson

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We built HighNote to solve the most common problems real estate professionals like you face when trying to impress leads, customers and clients. It’s the secret weapon that has put HighNote agents ahead of the competition.