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" I use Highnote to win large contracts for my media company."


Easy to Build Presentation Platform

Easy as 1-2-3

Our Unique Tool allows you to build seemingly instant presentations.

Gorgeous Presentations

Built-in high quality images make it easy to impress

Real-Time Notifications

Highnote tells you when and what is being read

Simply Drag-and-Drop!

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Hundreds of Free Templates

Get inspired by hundreds of templates created by our users and our designers.
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Real-Time Notifications On Your Presentations

Highnote tells you when and how long your materials are being read.

Get notified with every presentation you send. Know when clients engage with your resources, so you can reach out when it’s most effective.

Try It Free for 14 Days. No Credit Card Required.

Got Questions?

Highnote is a new tool offering a new way to build presentations that is much easier than any other way.

Simply drag-and-drop materials like documents, websites and video links, we quickly format your materials into a gorgeous presentation!

We have millions gorgeous stock images available for free to quickly and instantly beautify your presentation.

You don’t have to design slides and presentations from scratch, just start with stuff you already have!

Because your leads, clients and customers want and deserve something more than just a boring unreadable email full of text, links and attachments.

  1. The reader experience is greatly enhanced with HighNote’s presentations, clearly communicating your value and message.

  2. You often need to differentiate yourself from the competition and therefore you need to provide a better service to your customers. HighNote helps you do just that!

  3. HighNote also gives you insightful analytics telling you exactly what is being read, how many pages, how long and when! Giving you great insight into the mind of your readers, allowing you to effectively close the lead or simply understanding your clients and customer needs better.

HighNote is extremely versatile, apart from sales presentations, you can also make:

  • Sales materials for anything!
  • Marketing materials
  • Webpages!
  • Instructional presentations
  • Quote comparison presentations
  • Investor pitch decks
  • Status updates to clients
  • Portfolios for photographers or web developers
  • Job applications
  • Recruiting presentations
  • Social media bio links (e.g., Linktree alternative)
  • And more …
We can support PDFs, Microsoft files like Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, Apple Keynotes, all kinds of image files, website links, video links and so much more!

Not only does HighNote make a great looking presentation from your existing materials, we also deliver “real-time notifications” that tell you what is being read, how long, and when!

Crucial insight into the mind of your reader allowing you to follow up appropriately!

  • Sales people love the analytics to help close new leads.
  • Coaches and educators love the analytics to see if their students are reading the materials!

The Easiest Way to Build Gorgeous Presentations that Win

Build, send, and win. 

Try It Free for 14 Days. No Credit Card Required
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