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As a resident of the Sacramento area, you have probably watched as our region has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. There is a lot of attention on the area right now, and with good reason. Teaming with natural beauty and outdoor recreation, from the Sacramento River to the surrounding natural landscapes, paired with the excitement of a major metropolitan city, Sacramento, there is much to be desired and enjoyed. Pair that with a reasonable cost of living and great schools, it is no wonder Californians and those from outside the state are now calling our paradise home. Sacramento County is one of the best places to buy real estate, so let’s get down to business. Our priority and number one goal is YOU and your home. As a local resident who was drawn to the beauty of the area with years of successful real estate sales, particularly luxury listings, I understand how to maximize interest and increase the demand for every property I list. My tried and true concierge service not only reduces the stress of the sale process but also brings you the best possible price the market can offer. I have included a summary about my listing process, more information about myself and my team, and what we are doing to stay innovative during these unique times. I look forward to successfully listing and selling your home. Please take a few moments to review the items below in preparation for your listing appointment. Jasmine Sunkara

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